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Family History of Samuel A. BAIRD

The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Russ Hutchison for contributing this material.
Greetings to all. This is my first posting on this BBS, and I hope to post several more, since my ancestors came from Kansas (at least for awhile). If any of the following names are familiar to any of you, I would appreciate receiving a note from you.

My great grandparents, Samuel A. BAIRD and his wife Elizabeth MCCREARY had a residence on one of their farms at the SW1/4, SW1/4, sec.6, T20S, R17E in Reeder Township, Anderson County, Kansas. Samuel raised corn and black walnuts on his several land holdings. I have a number of records about Samuel, but data about Elizabeth is scanty. She was: b. June 8, 1837 near Blacksburg, Montgomery County, Va; m. Samuel Nov. 8, 1859; d. July 2, 1903. Both she and Samuel are buried in a farmers' cemetery at the SW corner of the property described above. Their house is gone, but the well still has water in it.

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth include:
1. Robert Davis Baird: b. March 26, 1861 in Ohio. d. Jan. 22, 1924 in
   Roseland, Fl.
2. Martha Florence Baird: b. April 5, 1862 in Ohio; m. Emory S. FEAR in
   Garnett, Ks on Oct. 24, 1888; d. Jan 22, 1937 in Idaho.
3. Margaret "Maggie" Lucy Baird: B. Oct. 31, 1864 in Ohio; m. Robert Kuhn on
   July 14, 1884; d. Aug. 4, 1924 in Denver, Co. Children are: Walter Guy
   Kuhn, Royden Keith Kuhn, Elsie Kuhn, Carl Isaac Kuhn, Mary Elizabeth Kuhn,
   Lillie Kuhn, and Hazel Kuhn.
4. Edward Perry Baird: b. Mar. 24, 1867 in Ohio; d. Feb. 13, 1929 in Chelan,
5. Rosa "Rosie" Belle Baird: b. Jan 5, 1871 in Anderson Co, Ks; m. Jacob
   CRAMER in Garnett, Ks. on Feb. 26, 1890; d. Jan 2, 1956 in Topeka, Ks.
   Children: Ethyl May Cramer, Orville Edward Cramer, Clyde Ernest Cramer,
   Clarence Cramer, Morris Baird Cramer, John Alfred Cramer, Edna Florence
6. Emma Rebecca Baird - my grandmother.
7. Samuel Justin Baird: b. Dec. 12, 1876 in Anderson Co, Ks.; m. Laura Mabel
   CHANCE in Garnett, Ks; d. July 24, 1960 in Grand Island, Ne. Children are:
   Wilbur Samuel Baird (whose children are Nadine Estell Baird and Donald
   Keith Baird), Willis Perry Baird, Rex Justin Baird (whose children are
   Joan Mabel Baird and Judith Kay Baird), Lucile Mabel Baird (whose children
   are Jacqueline SCHUETT, Imogene SCHUETT,  Gary SCHUETT, Gerald Schuett,
   and Stanley SCHUETT), Marjorie Louise Baird, Dean Davis Baird (whose
   children are Carl Baird, Terry Baird, Monty Baird, and Danny Baird),
   and Laura Bernice Baird (who died in infancy).

If any of you see a familiar name please let me know. Best to all...

Russ Hutchison          W5UYH
Tulsa Junior College, Northeast Campus
3727 East Apache
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115-3151, U.S.A.

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