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Andrew BROWN Family History

The Heritage server would like to thank R.W. Shore for contributing this material.

Family ID       74

Husband:        Andrew35 BROWN - 180
Birth:  Jun 182836      Place:  Glasgow, SCOT37
Death:  1904    Place:  Rossville, OK, USA
Burial:         Place:  Rossville, OK, USA
Father: ? BROWN - 297
Marriage:               Place:  IL, USA4
Wife:   Elizabeth HALLMAN - 181
Birth:  Nov 183738      Place:  PA, USA
Death:  About 191170
Burial:         Place:  Springside Cem, Cooley Co, KS, USA71
Father: Benjamin74 HALLMAN - 288 (1814-1864)
Mother: Catharine76 WITTES - 289 (1810-1883)
1. F Child:     Ellen Catherine BROWN - 235
Birth:  2 Sep 1859      Place:  nr Minneapolis, MN, USA
Death:  4 Jan 1945      Place:  Stony Point, KS, USA
Burial:         Place:  Springside Cem, Cooley Co, KS, USA106
Spouse: Joseph Vincent BOSSI - 241
Marriage:       29 Jul 1884
2. F Child:     Mary Isabelle BROWN - 236
Birth:  20 Apr 1861     Place:  Blue Earth Co, MN, USA
Death:  5 Jul 1950      Place:  Bigfork, MT, USA
Burial:         Place:  Lone Pine Cem, Bigfork, MT, USA
Spouse: Andrew J. ESLICK - 242
Marriage:       Before 1878     Place:  Union Co, SD, USA
3. M Child:     Andrew BROWN Jr. - 234
Birth:  Feb 1864        Place:  IA, USA
Death:  1908    Place:  Rossville, OK, USA
Spouse: Martha - 561
4. F Child:     Hester BROWN - 237
Birth:  1866    Place:  IA, USA
Death:  1951    Place:  Cowley Co, KS, USA
Spouse: Milbern Evert SANDERS - 558
Marriage:       1901
5. M Child:     James BROWN - 238
Birth:  1868    Place:  IA, USA
Death:  Before 1924
6. M Child:     John BROWN - 239
Birth:  Apr 1869        Place:  IA, USA
Death:  Before 1924
7. M Child:     George BROWN - 240
Birth:  Mar 1872        Place:  Elk Point, Union Co, SD, USA
Death:  Before 1924
Spouse: Lillie KLAR - 897
Marriage:       About 1898
8. M Child:     Franklin Vivian BROWN - 182
Birth:  10 Apr 1875     Place:  Elk Point, Union Co, SD, USA
Death:  11 Jul 1953     Place:  Tehachapi, Kern Co, CA, USA
Spouse: Della Dorthea WILSON - 243
Marriage:       6 Jun 1898      Place:  KS, USA
9. F Child:     Martha Anna1 BROWN - 75
Birth:  22 Mar 187832   Place:  nr Lafayette, IA, USA33
Death:  4 Jul 195734    Place:  Delano, CA, USA34
Spouse: Clarence Edward1 BROCKSIEPER - 74
Marriage:       4 Jul 190331    Place:  Los Angeles, CA, USA29

Husband's Notes...
Indentured servent in the West Indies (hired out to a sugar planter). After
indenture, moved to Ohio. Reputed to not like the "cold climate" of
America, due to his years in the West Indies (recollections of Ellen
Catherine Brown Bossi, 1924).

Married in PA, according to recollections of MBShore. First child in MN,
per census records. Ninth child in IA. Marriage in PA is unlikely, given
the location of the Hallmans in the 1850s.

>From ECB's recollections: Moved from Minnesota to Iowa when EC was a small
child; small farm w/ 20 acres of timber. Sold out and moved to South Dakota
(looking to get rich); took a claim near Elk Point. Sold out and returned
to near Lafayette IA bef 1876. Abt Sep 1876 moved to Winfield KS. After a
"few years" bought a farm near Arkansas City. Bought a farm near Winfield
with $100, proceeds from sale of EH's mother's IA farm as divided among
EH's siblings. Later lived near Udall KS.

>From ECB's recollections: Took three claims in old Oklahoma in early
1890's, when EC's son John was a baby. Later sold out "here", according to
EC, and bought a farm "20 miles east, near Rossville". According to Dorothy
Faidley, this is Rossville OK, not KS. The "here" probably refers to KS
where EC was living at the time.

>From ECB's recollections: Built a house on the farm near Arkansas City in
fall 1883.

Buried in family plot, Rossville OK.

Left Scotland at age 18, according to ECB. If the proper birthdate is 1828,
then he left Scotland in 1846.

1860 census contains no record of the Brown family in MN.

Proper Andrew Brown is not in Dakota territory census of 1870. There is an
"A J Brown" in Elk Point, Union Co, but the wife's name is Rebecca.
George's and Jame's birth years indicates a move to Dakota between 1869 and
1872; it is possible that the family was on the move during the 1870 census
and were thus missed.

KS census of 1880. Brown Andrew V4 ED 177 Sheet 9 Line 38 age 52 b Scotland
Cowley Co Pleasant Valley Twp. Wife Elizabeth 45 b PA. Hettie 14 IA. James
12 IA. John 11 IA. George 8 Dakota. Frank 6 Dakota. Martha 2 IA. Not
mentioned: Andrew b 1864 age 16, Ellen b 1859 age 21 MN(?), Mary b 1861 age
19 MN(?).

>From MBShore: Her "cousin", Violet, remembers that her Grandfather Brown
was married in PA before he married Elizabeth Hallman. The first wife died
in childbirth. The child was left in PA when the family moved west. If the
other dates are correct, this marriage/birth/death must have occurred
between 1846 (Brown's arrival in the US) and the birth of
Andrew&Elizabeth's first child in MN in 1859. There is no evidence to
support this recollection.

MBShore's recollections say that one of the sons disappeared in MT, perhaps
carrying a large sum of money. Subsequent recollections indicate that it
was John. Since he appears in the 1900 census, this means that the
disappearance was after the turn of the century.

MBShore's recollectons: Andrew's ship was wrecked in the West Indies, so he
went to work on a sugar plantation there. Differs from ECBrown's

1900 SOUNDEX for OK contains the following: Brown, Andrew; Vol 9 ED 123
Sheet 7 Line 99; b Jun 1828 in Scotland; age 78; citizenship not reported;
in Lincoln Co North Witchita Twp. Elizabeth Brown W b Nov 1832 PA age 67.
Andrew B Brown S b Feb 1864 IA age 36.

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, Filby and Meyer, Cumulative
Supplement (1986-1990) indicates that an Andrew Brown appears (year 1855)
in "Naturalization and Intentions of Madison CO IL: An Index 1816-1900",
Jane Shelly and Elsie M. Wasser, 1983, page 19.

NY passenger list, reel 237/84 NY Sep 26-Oct 31 1849. #1456 Ship Katakdice
(?) arr 27-Oct-1849. Andrew Brown (M) age 28 occ cutter from Glasgow to
Kingston. Not clear whether this is Kingston NY or Kingston JAMACA. Note
that this age agrees with the age given in the 1900 census, although not
with the birth year.

Wife's Notes...
Listed as 46 years old, living in Cooley KS on the undated estate papers of
Catharine Hallman filed in the Fayette Co IA circuit court.

Last Modified:  5 Sep 1994

Reference Note 1
Personal knowledge

Reference Note 4

Reference Note 29
Assumed from location of family

Reference Note 31
Marriage noted in FWBrocksieper's family bible in possession of Sarah
Simpson (1991).

Reference Note 32
Family tradition gives the year as 1879. 1880 census would give year of
birth as 1878, not 1879. This is also more consistent with the fact that
the KS move occurred shortly after Martha's birth; the census shows the
family in KS in 1880. I assume the 1878 year here.

Reference Note 33
Family tradition has it that MAB was born in a covered wagon as the family
traveled from MN to KS. This is not supported by census data, however.

Reference Note 34
MB Shore's recollections.

Reference Note 35
Family tradition. Supported by census, which shows Martha, of the right
age, in the household in 1880.

Reference Note 36
1828 (1880 census; 1900 birth year) or 1822 (1900 age; ship entry record,
if this is the right guy). I assume 1828. Birth month from the 1900 census.

Reference Note 37
Family tradition. Partially supported by census records.

Reference Note 38
Birth year taken from 1850 census and is consistent with the 1900 census
year as well. Birth month taken from the 1900 census index. The birth year
of 1832 conflicts with Emanuel's; the year from the 1880 census (1835) is
not unreasonable.

Reference Note 70
Death year deduced from the discussion in ECBossi's recollections.

Reference Note 71
Leeman Hudson info from records of Oldroyd Mort in Arkansas City. Cem about
3 mi SE of Arkansas City KS.

Reference Note 74
In the Civil War service-record index for PA, there are lots of Hallmans.
The only John was a waggoner, and although he was in the same regiment as a
Samuel Hallman, the companies were different. In the index for IA, however,
there are a John and an Emanuel Hallman in the same company, and a Benjamin
Hallman in a completely different division. The pension index indicates
that Benjamin probably didn't survive the war (pension application dated
1865). Thus the assumption that Benjamin is the father who didn't survive
and John/Emanuel are the brothers is consistent with the indices. This
deduction was verified by Paul Daniels' information.

Reference Note 76
PA marriage record. Death information from Paul Daniels via Leeman Hudson.
Various death certificates of children in possession of Leeman Hudson.
English/German ("Deutch") background, according to ECBossi's recollections.
Family name "Reed" according to Bossi, but Wittes according to death
certificates and marriage record.

Reference Note 106
Information from Dorothy Faidley

R.W. Shore
106 Cameron Mews
Alexandria, VA 22314

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