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George Kress BUNCE Family History

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Bonnie Bunce for providing this information.

A short biography of Peter Bunce and Mary Bolender Kress is on p. 584 of the "History of the State of Kansas" by Wm. G. Cutler, published 1883 in Chicago by A.T. Andreas. It reads:

"Peter Bunce, farmer, Section 17, P.O. Tescumseh. Owns 160 acres; 100 acres in cultivation, and the balance of his farm in pasture and meadow. Makes a specialty of raising fine horses, of which he has thirteen. Also, sixty head of cattle. Came to Kansas in the spring of 1857, stopping in Tescumseh the first year and locating on his present farm in October 1858. Mr. Bunce was born in New York October 18, 1823, where he resided until 1848, when he went to Wisconsin, remaining there five years and returned to New York and came from there to Kansas. Was married to Mary B. Kress and has four children--John J., Alida L., George K. and Wesley M."

I found a copy of a newspaper article on the farewell dinner given for my grandfather when he sold the family farm and left Kansas to join the rest of the family, who was then living in Portland, OR. It does mention quite a few names of people who attended the dinner. I put the 74 names listed in alphabetical order, since the original article did not have them that way. Of course, a number were relatives of my grandfather, such as a brother and his wife, and also a nephew who attended, as well as the Frenchs, Kreipes, and Maude Woodley. I think it demonstrates the sense of community that existed in Kansas then, which is sorely missing in modern-day America.

            --TOPEKA JOURNAL, October 10, 1921--

                  GIVEN FAREWELL DINNER 
           George K. Bunce, Kansas Pioneer, Is
                  Honored at Tescumseh

A farewell dinner was given Friday, October 7, in honor of George K. Bunce, at the Bunce homestead in Tescumseh township. Mr. Bunce has sold his farm and intends to locate on the Pacific coast, probably in Oregon.

The Bunce family were among the earliest settlers in Tescumseh. Mr. Peter Bunce, father of the present occupants, came to Kansas in 1857, locating in Tescumseh. Next year he pre-empted the present Bunce homestead, which has been owned and occupied continuously by some member of the family. George K. Bunce was born there March 1, 1861, and it has been his home until the present time. He taught school a good many years. Many of his former pupils, who are now heads of families, attended the dinner. He is at present township trustee, which office he has held a number of terms, giving splendid service. The whole community feels that on his removal they will lose a real friend and neighbor.

Those present were:

   Allison Anno         Margaret Ann Laveta Evans   Mary Koehler
   Dorothy Anno         Presley Evans               George Kreipe
   Mrs. Anno            Thomas Evans                George F. Kreipe
   Mrs. William Anno    Anna Fix                    Mrs. George Kreipe   
   William Anno         Bessie Fix                  Imo McKimmey    
   Anna Aye             F. A. Fix                   John McKimmey     
   Kate Aye             Mrs. F. A. Fix              Hannah Milliken   
   Marie Aye            L. R. Fix                   Mrs. O. C. Nystrom 
   Mary Aye             Alida L. French             J. W. Pearson      
   Nathan Aye           Cora W. French              Jacquelin S. Pearson
   Silas Aye            John M. French              J. B. Reed 
   Thelma Barton        Frank O. Gooddell           James W. Reed     
   Jim Berry            Mrs. F. C. Goodell          Mrs. J. W. Reed    
   Ellen H. Bunce       Frank H. Hook               Eli Ridgeway 
   George K. Bunce      Vada Hook                   Laura Ridgeway   
   John J. Bunce        Bertha House                Mrs. Roy Ridgeway  
   Willard Bunce        G. O. House                 Russell Ridgeway
   Deane Casebeer       George W. House             Martha Roberts     
   Vera Casebeer        Hay House                   O. C. Skinner 
   F. H. Chubb          John House                  C. M. Taylor    
   Christine Cox        Mrs. G. O. House            Mrs. C. M. Taylor   
   Caroline Crews       Mrs. E. Johnson             Elsie Wagstaff
   W. H. Crum           Billy Koehler               J. F. Wagstaff         
   Henry I. Engelke     Cecelia Koehler             Maude E. Woodley  
   Mrs. Henry Engelke   Frances Koehler

The Heritage Server would like to thank Bonnie Bunce 
bonnie.bunce@104-330.genesplicer.org for submitting this obituary.

   Obituary for George Kress Bunce, published in the newspaper, The 
   Denver Post, Denver, Colorado, Monday, November 25, 1940, pg. 5.

                        GEORGE KRESS BUNCE
                        DIES AT DENVER HOME

        George Kress Bunce, 79, of 1337 Lafayette street, died at
   his home Sunday. [He died 24 Nov 1940.]  He had been ill a month.
        He was born in Tecumseh, Kan., and was a graduate of Washburn
   college in Topeka, Kan.  He taught school in Shawnee county, 
   Kansas, until 1921.  Then he engaged in farming until he retired
   and came to Denver.
        Surviving are five sons, George C., John W., Leslie R., 
   Stanley R., all of Denver, and Forrest J. of Los Angeles; three
   daughters Vida E., Mrs. Dorothy Zornman and Mrs. Letha A. Harsha,
   all of Denver, and two brothers John J. and Wesley of Topeka, Kans.
        Funeral services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the 
   Moore mortuary.  Burial will be in Fairmount cemetery.

   Note:  George Kress Bunce did not teach school until 1921.  He
   had to retire from teaching to focus on farming in the early 1900's 
   when his family grew large, since he could not support them on a 
   teacher's salary at that time.  On 16 Sept 1901, he bought the 
   shares of the other heirs to the family farm once owned by his 
   parents, Peter and Mary B. (Kress) Bunce, deed recorded in the 
   County Clerk's Office of Shawnee County, Book 211, page 400.  He 
   taught school at five different schools in Shawnee County for 
   14 years and served on the school board for 24 years.  At one 
   time he was elected President of the County Organization of 
   School Boards.  He taught eight grades and sometimes nine for 
   pupils desiring to attend school longer than eight years, since 
   high schools did not exist in Shawnee County in the late 1800's.  
   The wage for a teacher was $40.00, $45.00 and $50.00 per month.  
   Source:  pp. 16-17, BUNCE GENEALOGY AND HISTORY by Leslie R. Bunce
   and Vida E. Bunce, c. 1977.

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