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Wyatt EARP Family History

 1 Jul 2001                   Family Group Sheet

        Husband: Nicholas Porter EARP  died at age: 94 
           Born:  6 Sep 1813          in LincolnCo, NC  1
           Died: 12 Nov 1907          in Sawtelle, Los AngelesCo, CA  
     Occupation:                      lawyer/farmer/cooper  
         Father: Walter EARP 
         Mother: Martha Ann EARLY 
1850 They lived in an almost totally Dutch neighborhood in Lake Prairie
Township, Marion County, IA;

           Wife: Abigail STORM  died at age: 26 
        Married: 22 Dec 1836          in Hartford, OhioCo, KY    his age: 23  her age: 23 
           Born: 21 Sep 1813          in Hartford, OhioCo, KY  
           Died:  8 Oct 1839          in Hartford, OhioCo, KY  
         Father: Peter STORM 
         Mother: Annie LAYMAN 

      M Child 1: Newton Jasper EARP  died at age: 91 
           Born:  7 Oct 1837          in OhioCo, KY  
           Died: 18 Dec 1928          in Sacramento, SacramentoCo, CA  
         Spouse: Jennie Unknown  
        Married: 1854-1887            in   
         Spouse: Nancy Jane ADAMS  b. 1840-1847  d. 29 Mar 1898  
        Married: 15 Sep 1865          in MarionCo, MO  
      F Child 2: Mary (Mariah) Ann EARP  died at age: 0 
           Born: 12 Feb 1838          in Hartford, OhioCo, KY  
           Died:  5 Jan 1839          in KY  
      M Child 3: Nathan T. EARP  
           Born: 1837-1840            in KY  1
           Wife: Virginia Ann COOKSEY  died at age: 71 
        Married: 27 Jul 1840          in Hartford, OhioCo, KY    his age: 26  her age: 19 
           Born:  2 Feb 1821          in Hartford, OhioCo, KY  1
           Died: 14 Jan 1893          in San BernardinoCo, CA  
         Buried:                      in Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, San BenardinoCo, CA  
         Father: James COOKSEY 
         Mother: Elizabeth SMITH 
The Cookseys, an English family, had settled in eastern Virginia in the early 
eighteenth century, and later had moved to an Ohio Valley land grant where 
Virginia Anne Cooksey was born in 1821. 

      M Child 1: James Cooksey EARP  died at age: 84 
           Born: 28 Jun 1841          in Hartford, OhioCo, KY  1
           Died: 25 Jan 1926          in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, CA  
           Died: 27 Jan 1926          in Mt. View Cemetery, San BernardinoCo, CA  
         Spouse: Nellie BARTLETT  
      M Child 2: Virgil Walter EARP  died at age: 62 
           Born: 18 Jul 1843          in Hartford, OhioCo, KY  1
           Died: 19 Oct 1905          in Goldfield, EsmeraldaCo, NV  
         Buried: 29 Oct 1905          in Riverview Cemetery, Portland, MultnomahCo, OR  
         Spouse: Allie  b. 1826-1875  d. 1861-1955  
        Married: 1861-1906            in   
      F Child 3: Martha Elizabeth EARP  died at age: 10 
           Born: 25 Sep 1845          in Monmouth, WarrenCo, IL  1
           Died: 26 May 1856          in Pella, Lake Prairie Township, Marion Co, IA  
      M Child 4: Wyatt Berry Stapp EARP  died at age: 80 
           Born: 19-Mar-1848          in Monmouth, WarrenCo,IL  1
           Died: 13 Jan 1929          in Los Angeles, CA  
         Buried:                      in Hills of Eternity Cemetery, Colma, San MateoCo, CA  
         Spouse: Urilla "Rilla" SUTHERLAND  b. ABT 1850  d. 10 Jan 1870  
        Married: 10 Jan 1870          in Lamar, BartonCo, MO  
         Spouse: Josephine "Josie" Sarah MARCUS  b. 1861  d. 19 Dec 1944  
        Married: 1896                 in San Francisco, California  
Wyatt was named after his father's commanding officer when he served as 
Captain of Cavalry in the Mexican War.  At least six Earots fought in the
colonial wars including the Revolution. 
"Wyatt Earp, gambler, gunfighter and lawman, drifted through the West working 
at a variety of jobs from confidence trickster to assistant marshal.  During
stay in Tombstone, Arizona, he befriended Doc Holliday, who joined with the 
Earp brothers against the Clanton Gang in the famous Gunfight at the O.K.
(1881).  Earp collaborated in the writing of his biography "Wyatt Earp,
Marshal" (1931), published after his death.  The book portrayed his as a
heroic frontiersman of the Wild West."
Wyatt Earp was cremated in Los Angeles, and his ashes were "buried" in the 
Marcus family plot in the Hills of Eternity Cemetery. 
      M Child 5: Morgan L. EARP  died at age: 30 
           Born: 24 Apr 1851          in Pella, Lake Prairie Township, Marion Co, IA  
           Died: 18 Mar 1882          in Tombstone, CochiseCo, Arizona  
         Spouse: Louisa HOUSTON  
           Wife: Annie ALEXANDER  
           Born: 20 Jul 1842          in   

(1) 1850 Census -- Lake Prairie Township, Marion County, IA. 

19 Mar 1848 Wyatt Earp (son of Nicholas Earp [lawyer/farmer] and Virginia Earp) was born in Monmouth, Illinois at 406 South Third Street (at his mother's sister's home). Wyatt was given the name of his father's Army captain.

1850 When Wyatt was two years old, the family moved to Iowa.

Wyatt's older brothers, James and Virgil, went off to fight in the Civil War for the Union. Story goes that Wyatt tried to run away and join the Army, but his father caught him in a corn field and took him back to the house.

1864 Nicholas Earp left the army, and the family went to San Bernardino, California, where Nicholas bought a ranch.

In his early adulthood, Wyatt married and his wife died shortly after of Typhoid fever. Wyatt was devastated and went off and got into some trouble for horse stealing.

He became a stagecoach driver and traveled to Los Angeles, CA and Prescott, Arizona.

He did some buffalo hunting for some time, and that is where he supposedly met Bat Masterson.

1868 Wyatt went to work for the Union Pacific Railroad in Wyoming.

1870 Wyatt traveled to Illinois, then to Oklahoma, then to Kansas City.

1873 Wyatt was in Ellsworth, Kansas.

1874 Wyatt Earp went to Wichita, Kansas.

1876 Wyatt went to Dodge City, Kansas.

Fall 1879 Wyatt Earp and others (Morgan Earp, Virgil Earp) journeyed by horseback down to Tombstone, Arizona.

1879/1881 At Tombstone, Arizona Wyatt Earp invested in a new Oriental Saloon venture, and he sent for his friends to work there.

26 Oct 1881 Gunfight at the OK Corral, Tombstone, Arizona

March 1882 Ike Clanton attempted to kill Wyatt and Morgan while they were playing pool. Morgan Earp was killed. Wyatt killed Frank Stilwell. Wyatt became a wanted man and was being hunted by Sheriff John Behan.

1882 Wyatt headed to Colorado with Doc Holliday. Wyatt Earp was in Silverton, Colorado following his famed gunfight at the OK Corral.

In June 1883, Wyatt Earp briefly returns to Kansas, as leader of the Dodge City Peace Commission.

He traveled to San Diego where he bought and sold real estate.

He went on a series of adventures with Josephine Marcus after Tombstone.

He went to Alaska to prospect/mining for gold.

Wyatt Earp eventually wound up in California working in the motion picture business.

13 Jan 1929 Wyatt Earp (age 80) died in downtown Los Angeles, California, 47 years 2 months 18 days after the OK Corral gunfight.


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