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Family History of William Arthur TAYLOR

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Stephen Chinn for providing this information.

28-May-1998                  Family Group Sheet

 Husband: William (Bill) Arthur TAYLOR   age: 74 
    Born: 27 AUG 1872     in: Walton,BooneCo,KY                           
    Died: 11 APR 1947     in: Alta Vista,WabaunseeCo,KS                   
  Buried:                 in: Alta Vista Cemetery, WabaunseeCo, KS        
  Father: Arthur TAYLOR  
  Mother: Sue DRINKARD  
  He came to Kansas in 1891 with his aunt and uncle, John T. and
  Elizabeth (TAYLOR) MULLINS, when he was a young boy.
  He spent most of his early life in the Alta Vista, Kansas community.

    Wife: Florence F. PHELPS   age: 39 
 Married: 23 APR 1900     in: Alta Vista,WabaunseeCo,KS                   
    Born: 11-Oct-1879     in: Alta Vista,WabaunseeCo,KS                   
    Died: 14 DEC 1918     in: Alta Vista,WabaunseeCo,KS                   
  Buried:                 in: Alta Vista,WabaunseeCo,KS                   

F Child 1 Mabel E. TAYLOR  age: 95 
    Born: 26-Nov-1902     in: Bucklin, KS                                 
    Died:                 in: Kansas City, MO                             
M Child 2 Gilbert Arthur TAYLOR  age: 67 
    Born: 15-Oct-1905     in: Herington, DickinsonCo, KS                  
    Died:  1-Nov-1972     in: Topeka, ShawneeCo, KS                       
  Buried:  3-Nov-1972     in: Mount Hope Cemetery, Topeka, KS             
     Ref:                     Occupation: mechanic                        
  Spouse: Margaret Marie TAYLOR  
 Married:  5-Jul-1941     in: Topeka, ShawneeCo, KS                       
F Child 3 Esther R. TAYLOR  age: 76 
    Born:  3-Apr-1909     in: Pratt, KS                                   
    Died: 16-Jul-1985     in: Kansas City, MO                             
  Buried: 18-Jul-1985     in: Mount Washington Cemetery                   
     Ref:                     Occupation: secretary                       
M Child 4 Harold P. TAYLOR  age: 65 
    Born: 31-Dec-1911     in: Abilene, KS                                 
    Died: 25-Oct-1977     in: Kansas City, MO                             
  Buried: 28-Oct-1977     in: Mount Washington Cemetery                   
     Ref:                     Occupation: warehouseman                    

    Wife: Grace A. DARNELL   age: 88 
 Married: 21 JUN 1934     in: Alta Vista,WabaunseeCo,KS                   
    Born: 23-Apr-1885     in: Fostoria, KS                                
    Died:  2 SEP 1973     in: Junction City, Geary County, KS             
  Buried:  5 SEP 1973     in: Highland Cemetery, Junction City, KS        

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