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Younger Gang Family History

Robert Ewing Younger is the first cousin of Robert Renick Dalton

                    Charles Lee "Cole" YOUNGER 

Henry Washington YOUNGER                  Adeline Lee YOUNGER 

Robert "Bob" Ewing YOUNGER                Robert "Bob" Renick DALTON 

Robert "Bob" Renick DALTON                        

is the first cousin of

Robert "Bob" Ewing YOUNGER                        

 3 Jun 2001                   Family Group Sheet

        Husband: Henry Washington YOUNGER  died at age: 52 
           Born: 22 Feb 1810          in Crab Orchard, LincolnCo, KY  
           Died: 20 Jul 1862          in Westport, MO  
         Buried: 20 Jul 1862          in Harrisonville, CassCo, MO  
         Father: Charles Lee "Cole" YOUNGER 
         Mother: Sarah Sullivan PURCELL 
Captain Walley, 5th Missouri Militia Cavalry, killed Henry Washington Younger.

The Younger brothers always considered themselves Missouri-Indian Territory 
folks -- "Youngers Bend" on the Canadian River. They also had major ties to 
Fort Scott in Kansas. 

           Wife: Bursheba Leighton FRISTOE  also known as: Beersheba Fristoe   died at age: 54 
        Married: 1830                 in Jackson, MO    his age: 19  her age: 13 
           Born:  6 Jun 1816          in McMinnville, TN  
           Died:  6 Jun 1870          in MO  
         Buried:                      in Lee's Summit, MO  
         Father: Richard Marshall FRISTOE 
         Mother: Mary "Polly" L. SULLIVAN 

      F Child 1: Laura Helen YOUNGER  died at age: 92 
           Born:  1 Jan 1832          in JacksonCo, MO  
           Died: 15 Dec 1924          in   
         Buried:                      in Amoret, MO  
         Spouse: William M. KELLY  b. 19 Oct 1824  d. 24 Dec 1890  
      F Child 2: Isabela Frances YOUNGER  died at age: 68 
           Born: 1834                 in JacksonCo, MO  
           Died: 1902                 in   
         Buried:                      in Lee's Summit, MO  
         Spouse: Richard HALL  b. 1830  
        Married:  5 Aug 1856          in   
      F Child 3: Martha Ann YOUNGER  died at age: 82 
           Born:  9 Jan 1835          in JacksonCo, MO  
           Died: 1918                 in   
         Buried:                      in Denison, TX  
         Spouse: Lycurgus A. JONES  b. 1826  d. 1897  
        Married:  5 Oct 1852          in JacksonCo. MO  
      M Child 4: Thomas Coleman "Cole" YOUNGER  died at age: 72 
           Born: 15 Jan 1844          in Lee's Summit, MO  
           Died: 21 Mar 1916          in Lee's Summit, MO  
         Buried:                      in Lee's Summit, MO  
         Spouse: Myra SHIRLEY  also known as: Belle Starr   b.  5 Feb 1848  d.  3 Feb 1889  
Coleman "Cole" Younger: Joined Quantrill in 1862 at age 18. Selected because
he had his own revolver. Cole Younger was rumored to have had a daughter by
Myra Shirley, and the girl's mother had only a few months left to live. Also
known as Belle Starr, Myra Shirley would get shot out of the saddle in early
1889. Cole Younger was captured on Northfield, Minnesota robbery. He was
wounded severely. Served a long sentence at the state penitentiary. Cole
Younger died at Lee's Summit, MO in 1916. Cole Younger is buried in Lee's
Summit, MO which is part of greater Kansas City on it's Southeast corner.
      M Child 5: James "Jim" Henry YOUNGER  died at age: 54 
           Born: 15 Jan 1848          in Lee's Summit, MO  
           Died: 19 Oct 1902          in St. Paul, MN  
James Henry Younger: Joined Quantrill in 1864 at the age of 16. Was with the
James gang in Northfield, Minnesota. He was captured in the attempted robbery,
and sent to prison. Applied for parole in 1902. When it was refused, he
apparently committed suicide (1902). His body was found in a room in the
Reardon Hotel, St. Paul, Minnesota with a single bullet wound in the head.
      M Child 6: John Harrison YOUNGER  died at age: 23 
           Born: 1851                 in JacksonCo, MO  
           Died: 16 Mar 1874          in Osceola, St. ClairCo, MO  
         Buried:                      in Yeater Cemetery, Roscoe, MO  
John Younger: He rode for Quantrill. Killed by officers at Osceola, Missouri
in 1874.
      M Child 7: Robert "Bob" Ewing YOUNGER  died at age: 35 
           Born: 29 Oct 1853          in Lee's Summit, MO  
           Died: 16-Sep-1889          in Northfield, MN  
         Buried:                      in Younger Cemetery, Independence, MO  
         Spouse: Mary Victoria MILLER  b. 1849-1872  d. 1893-1944  
        Married: 1859-1906            in   
Robert Ewing Younger: Participated in the attempted robbery in Northfield,
Minnesota. Captured there and sentenced to prison. Died of consumption in
prison 16 September 1889. Sister Henrietta Rawlins claimed the remains and
buried them in the Younger cemetery in Independence, Missouri.
      F Child 8: Henrietta YOUNGER  died at age: 58 
           Born:  9 Jan 1857          in JacksonCo. MO  
           Died: 13 May 1915          in   
         Buried:                      in Lancaster, TX  
         Spouse: A. Bledsoe RAWLINS  b.  8 Feb 1855  d. 13 May 1937  
        Married:  1 Apr 1894          in TX  

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