BLAKEMAN Family History

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29-Dec-2000              Family Group Sheet

Husband: Adam BLAKEMAN  died at age: 69 
       Born: 10-Jun-1596     in: Frosall,STS,ENG                           
       Died:  7-Sep-1665     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
     Buried:                 in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
        Ref: Claude Barlow       Occupation: minister                    
Father: John BLAKEMAN 
Mother: Thomasine 
Source of Information: Goodwin and Morgan Ancestral Lines, Vol. II,
Hartford, CT 1915.

Wife: Jane WHEELER  died at age: 71 
Married: 1632            in: Stratfordshire, ENG his age: 35   her age: 32 
       Born: 1600            in: St. Edmunds, Stratfordshire, ENG          
       Died: 20-Sep-1671     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
     Buried:                 in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
        Ref: Claude Barlow       Occupation:                             
Father: Unknown WHEELER 
Mother: Unknown WHEELER 

M Child 1  John BLAKEMAN  died at age: 30 
Born:        1632            in: Stratford, ENG                            
Died:        26-Nov-1662     in: Fairfield,FairfieldCo,CT                  
Spouse:   Dorothy SMITH  b. 1631  d. 17-Apr-1706  
Married:  1653            in: CT                                        
F Child 2  Mary BLAKEMAN  died at age: 72 
Born:        1636            in: Stratford, ENG                            
Died:         9-Mar-1708     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
Spouse:   Joshua ATWATER  b. 1636  d. 16-May-1676  
Married:   6-May-1651     in:                                           
Spouse:   John HIGGINSON  
Married:  Mar 1676        in:                                           
M Child 3  Deliverance BLAKEMAN  died at age: 65 
Born:        1637            in: Stratford,ENG                             
Died:        Apr 1702        in:                                           
Spouse:   Hannah Coufield  
Married:  1685            in:                                           
M Child 4  Benjamin BLAKEMAN  died at age: 76 
Born:        1639            in: Stratford,ENG                             
Died:        1619-1715       in:                                           
     Ref:                      Occupation:    minister                   
Spouse:   Rebecca SCOTTOW  
Married:  11-Apr-1675     in:                                           
M Child 5  Samuel BLAKEMAN  died at age: 28 
Born:        1640            in: Stratford,ENG                             
Died:        27-Nov-1668     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                   1
     Ref:   Claude Barlow      Occupation:                               
Spouse:   Elizabeth WHEELER  b.  1-Aug-1642  d. 1683-1736  
Married:  Nov 1660        in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                   1
M Child 6  Thomas BLAKEMAN  
Born:        1644            in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
Died:                        in:                                           
M Child 7  James BLAKEMAN  died at age: 16 
Born:        1646            in: Stratford, ENG                            
Died:        1662            in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                   1
Spouse:   Miriam WHEELER  b. 28-Mar-1647  d. 1705  
Married:   3-Dec-1657     in: Milford,New HavenCo,CT                    

1 Torrey, Clarence Almon. 

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