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Huguenot History

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Stephen Chinn for providing this information.

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Huguenot History

Huguenot - A French Protestant esp. of the 16th and 17th centuries; a member of the French Reformed Communion.
Sources: Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary and American Heritage Dictionary

The mass exodus of Huguenot immigrants from France to Geneva, Amsterdam, London, and other places started in 1572 after the "St. Bartholemew's Day Massacre" on 24 August.

The Huguenots began arriving in South Carolina in 1669.

The revocation of the "Edict of Nantes" was in 1685.

In 1699/1700 there were five embarkations from England to Virginia and Carolina. The names of 3 of the 5 ships which trasported Huguenots were 'Peter and Anthony,' 'Nassau' and 'Mary Ann.' The 'Mary Ann' was the first ship to arrive in Virginia (at the mouth of the James River).

About five hundred Huguenots settled in Carolina by 1700. Many of these were artisans, following trades in the New World that they had learned in the Old: blacksmiths, coopers, gunsmiths, and clockmakers. And many were young and newly married, a younger population being more willing to undertake the long and dangerous ocean voyage. These French-speaking settlers quickly moved into the political life of the young colony, also quickly organized their own church in Charlestown. Source "A Religious History of America", Gaustad, Edwin Scott. p. 100. HarperSanFrancisco, 1990

In 1700-1701 over three hundred French Huguenot refugees were settled by the colonial authorities on the south bank of the James River in King William Parish (ten thousand acres donated by King William III), Manakin, Goochland County, Virginia.

Manakin is about 15 miles west of Richmond, Henrico County, Virginia on Rt 6 (Patterson Ave.) & River Road. A bridge across the James River on River Road in the West-End of Richmond is called the Huguenot Bridge.

Some Huguenots later moved to Colonial Williamsburg, James City County, Virginia (east of Richmond along I-64); Essex County, Virginia; and Hanover County, Virginia.

Huguenot History

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Raymond W. Ryan (hersocenva@earthlink.net) for contributing this information.

I saw your posting concerning the Huguenot settlement of Manakin Towne and would like to add something that, I believe, would be of value to those who are actually coming to Virginia to view the area.

You do mention that the original land grant for the Huguenots was on the South of the James River but, also, mention that the town of Manakin is just off Rt. #6 in Goochland County, Va. People who travel this route will only find a Va. State Historical Marker, little else. But, if they travel on Rt. #711, on the South of the James River, they will be able to see Manakin Episcopal Church (brick structure), as well as a reconstructed frame church which includes in part of its framework some of the original structure dating from the late 1700s. The Huguenot Society (by appointment only) is also located in a building adjacent to the church property.

"As a matter of defining geographical boundaries, the area South of the James River where the Huguenots settled in 1700 was Henrico Co., Va. Later the area south of the James River became part of Goochland Co., Va. upon that county's formation in 1728. Then, in 1749, Cumberland Co., Va. was formed and the land area south of the James River that was the Huguenot Settlement was included. Finally, in 1777, Southam Parish of Cumberland Co., Va. was formed into a separate county and given the name of "Powhatan" which, today, includes the historical Huguenot Settlement."

I think this will help those who might be interested in seeing the actual area and viewing the beautiful monument erected in memory of the Huguenot Settlers which is on Rt. #711 adjacent to the road and in front of the original (reconstructed) church.

Abraham Moulin Family History

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Stephen Chinn for providing this information.

18-Sep-2000              Family Group Sheet

Husband: Abraham DES MOULINS  died at age: 78 
       Born: 1665            in: FRA                                        1
       Died: 1740/1743       in: AlbemarleCo, VA                            1
Father: Abraham DES MOULINS 
Mother: Madelaine CHUPRET 

Oct 1685 - Abraham DES MOULINS came to England from France to escape
persecution of non-Catholics after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes by
Louis XIV.

23 July 1700 -- "Abraham Moulin et sa femme" (Abraham Mullins and his wife)
were among the passengers aboard the 'Mary and Ann.'

31 July 1700 -- Account prepared by George Hawes in James Town of the French
refugees who have arrived in Virginia with the Marquis de la Muse: Abraham
Moulin and wife. (CSPC) Ref. "The Complete Book of Emigrants 1700-1750."
Goldham, Peter Wilson. (p.14) Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1992

May 1705 -- Abraham Moulin was naturalized by the Virginia Legislature.

Wife: Rachel BRORET  died at age: 42 
Married: 27-Dec-1699     in: London, ENG  his age: 34   her age: 19 
       Born: ABT 1680        in: FRA                                       
       Died: AFT 1722        in: Albemarle                                 

M Child 1  Jacob MULLINS  died at age: 49 
Born:        1706/1708       in: VA                                        
Died:         5-Nov-1757     in: Perquimans, North Carolina                
Spouse:   Sarah NICHOLSON  
Married:                  in:                                           
M Child 2  Abraham MULLINS  died at age: 50 
Born:        1704/1710       in: VA                                        
Died:        ABT 1760        in: Perquimans, North Carolina                
Spouse:   Eleanor MING  
Married:                  in:                                           
M Child 3  Henry MULLINS  died at age: 86 
Born:        1708/1712       in: VA                                        
Died:        BEF 1798        in: GoochlandCo,VA                            
Spouse:   Unknown MAUPIN  
Married:                  in:                                           
M Child 4  Matthew MULLINS  died at age: 90 
Born:        1720            in:                                           
Died:        1810            in:                                           
M Child 5  Isaac MULLINS  died at age: 21 
Born:        1712/1722       in: VA                                        
Died:        1743            in: Perquimans, North Carolina                
Spouse:   Elizabeth SUTTON  
Married:                  in:                                           

1 The WFT CD has Abraham's lifespan as 1665 - 1743. 


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"The Huguenot"

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Carol Cason (ccason@columbus.rr.com) for contributing this information regarding the Huguenots at Manakin.

My Internet search turned up your page about the Huguenot Colony at
Manakin, and I would like to update the information there about the society
of the descendants. 

Current address:

Huguenot Society at Manakin 
981 Huguenot Trail           
Midlothian, VA 23113

Phone:  804-794-5702 

	The current librarian is Priscilla Condyles. 
The library is at the headquarters building listed above. 
We are celebrating the 300th Anniversary of the Founding 
of the Colony on Oct. 21, 2000.  If you would like to receive 
an invitation, please contact Presidentva@huguenot-manakin.org.

Please visit our home page at http://huguenot-manakin.org/

Thanks so much for all the help over the past year,
Carol Cason
President, Virginia Branch
The Huguenot Sockiety of the Founders of Manakin in the 
Colony of Virginia 

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