Samuel SMITH Family History

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10-Dec-1995                  Family Group Sheet

 Husband: Samuel SMITH   
    Born: 1602            in: Suffolk, ENG                                
    Died: Dec 1680        in: Hadley, Hampshire, MA                       
     Ref:                     Occupation: Lieutenant/fellmonger           
  Source of Info: Ancestry of Col. John Harrington Stevens and Francis
  Helen Miller by Mary Lovering Holman, Concord, NH 1948, page 369-375.
  Samuel SMITH resided at ENG; traveled on the "Elizabeth" to Boston
  30 Apr 1634 from Ipswich, Suffolk, ENG with wife and several children;
  Watertown, CT 1634; Wethersfield, CT 1635/1636; Hadley, MA 1659/1660.
  Commanding officer of Hadley, MA Company, 1663-1678, probably was in
  King Philips War.

    Wife: Elizabeth SMITH   
 Married:  6-Oct-1624     in: St. Margaret's, Whatfield, Suffolk, ENG     
    Born: 1602            in: ENG                                         
    Died: 16-Mar-1686     in: Hadley, Hampshire, MA                       
  Came from Ipswich, ENG in ship "Elizabeth" 30-Apr-1634 with husband
  and four children.

M Child 1 Samuel SMITH  
    Born: 1625            in: Whatfield, Suffolk, ENG                     
Baptized:  6-Oct-1625     in: St. Margaret's, Whatfield, Suffolk, ENG     
    Died:                 in:                                             
  Spouse: Elizabeth SMITH  
 Married:                 in:                                             
F Child 2 Elizabeth SMITH  
    Born: 28-Jan-1627     in: ENG                                         
Baptized: 28-Jan-1627     in: ENG                                         
    Died:                 in:                                             
  Spouse: Nathaniel FOOTE  
 Married: 1646            in: Wethersfield, HartfordCo, CT                
  Spouse: William GULL  
 Married:                 in:                                             
F Child 3 Mary SMITH  
    Born: 1628            in: Hadleigh, Suffolk, ENG                      
Baptized: 19-Oct-1628     in: Hadleigh, Suffolk, ENG                      
    Died: 16-Dec-1668     in: Wethersfield, HartfordCo, CT                
  Spouse: John GRAVES  
 Married: 1650/1652       in: Wethersfield, HartfordCo, CT                
M Child 4 Philip SMITH  
    Born: 1632            in:                                             
Baptized: Nov 1632        in: ENG                                         
    Died: 10-Jan-1685     in: Wethersfield, HartfordCo, CT                
     Ref:                     Occupation: Lieutenant                      
  Spouse: Rebecca FOOTE  
 Married: 1657            in:                                             
M Child 5 Chileab SMITH  
    Born: 1634/1635       in: Wethersfield, HartfordCo, CT                
    Died:  7-Mar-1731     in: Hadley, Hampshire, MA                       
  Spouse: Hannah HITCHCOCK  
 Married:  2-Oct-1661     in: Hadley, Hampshire, MA                       
M Child 6 John SMITH  
    Born: 1637            in: Wethersfield, HartfordCo, CT                
    Died: 30-May-1676     in: Hatfield,Hampshire,MA                       
  Spouse: Mary PARTRIDGE  
 Married: 12-Nov-1663     in:                                             

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