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WHEELER Family History

The Heritage Server would like to thank Stephen Chinn for providing this information.

                      Moses WHEELER                           
Elizabeth WHEELER                        Mary WHEELER
Abigail BLAKEMAN                         Samuel FAIRCHILD
Joanna DICKINSON                         Benjamin FAIRCHILD
Elizabeth WARRINER                       Peter "ELDER" FAIRCHILD
Caleb STEBBINS                           Elizabeth "Betsy" E. FAIRCHILD
Lois STEBBINS                            Emily SMITH
Lucas Stebbins HITCHCOCK                 George Edward FULLER
Josiah HITCHCOCK                         Alta Fay FULLER
Tersie Grace HITCHCOCK                   Leona Pauline PARKEN
Orville Howard COPSEY                    David Lawrence CHINN
Julia Ann COPSEY                         

     David Lawrence CHINN                    
     is the NINTH COUSIN, ONCE REMOVED of     
     Julia Ann COPSEY                        

29-Dec-2000              Family Group Sheet

Husband: Moses WHEELER  died at age: 100 
       Born: 1598            in: ENG                                       
       Died: 15-Jan-1698     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
     Buried:                 in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
        Ref:                     Occupation: shipwright                  
Father: Unknown WHEELER 
Mother: Unknown WHEELER 

Ancestors from Hertfordshire, England.

It is said he came from Kent, England.

Moses Wheeler arrived in New Haven, CT from London in 1638.

Moses Wheeler came to Stratford, CT 1642-1648.

In 1648 he was living in Stratford, CT.  He operated the ferry across the
Housatonic River between Stratford and Milford. He also farmed and built

Stratford, FairfieldCo, CT gravestone says aged "100" years.

 Info:Gerald Weaver/Boyne City, MI & Claude W. Barlow.

Wife: Miriam HAWLEY  died at age: 41 
Married: 1641-1642       in: New HavenCo, CT  his age: 44   her age: 22 
       Born: 1613-1620       in: Parwich, Derbyshire, England              
       Died: 1658-1661       in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
Father: Samuel HAWLEY 

F Child 1  Elizabeth WHEELER  died at age: 93 
Born:         1-Aug-1642     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                   1
Died:        1683-1736       in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
     Ref:   Claude Barlow      Occupation:                               
Spouse:   Samuel BLAKEMAN  b. 1640  d. 27-Nov-1668  
Married:  Nov 1660        in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                   1
Spouse:   Jacob WALKER  b. 21-Mar-1643  d. 1734-1735  
Married:   6-Dec-1670     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
Spouse:   Edward GROOM  b. 1630-1650  d. 1664-1736  
Married:                  in:                                           
F Child 2  Miriam WHEELER  died at age: 57 
Born:        28-Mar-1647     in: New HavenCo, CT                            1
Died:        1705            in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                   1
     Ref:   Claude Barlow      Occupation:                               
Spouse:   James BLAKEMAN  b. 1646  d. 1662  
Married:   3-Dec-1657     in: Milford,New HavenCo,CT                    
Spouse:   Edward GROOM  b. 1630-1650  d. 1664-1736  
Married:  1690-1694       in:                                           
M Child 3  Samuel WHEELER  died at age: 49 
Born:        28-Apr-1649     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
Died:        1699            in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
Spouse:   Elizabeth HARRIS  b. 1640-1661  d. 1683-1750  
Married:  29-May-1678     in:                                           
M Child 4  Moses WHEELER  died at age: 72 
Born:         5-Jul-1651     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
Died:        30-Jan-1724     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
  Buried:                    in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
Spouse:   Sarah NICHOLS  b. 1635-1660  d. 1682-1747  
Married:  20-Oct-1674     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                   1
Spouse:   Mercy Wakelee LATTIN  
Married:  31-Aug-1721     in:                                           
F Child 5  Mary WHEELER  died at age: 79 
Born:        13-Sep-1655     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                   2
Died:         7-Feb-1735     in: Wallingford, New HavenCo, CT              
     Ref:   Gilmore            Occupation:                               
Spouse:   Samuel FAIRCHILD  b. 31-Aug-1640  d. 28-Feb-1704  
Married:  1680            in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
Spouse:   Benjamin BEACH  b. Oct 1644  d.  9-Apr-1713  
Married:   5-Nov-1705     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                   2
Spouse:   Thomas YALE  
Married:  31-Jul-1716     in: Wallingford, New HavenCo, CT               2
F Child 6  Joanna WHEELER  died at age: 94 
Born:         5-Mar-1658     in: Stratford,FairfieldCo,CT                  
Died:        1660-1753       in:                                           

1 Torrey, Clarence Almon. 

2 Vital Records - CT 

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