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LOWE family information

by Judity M. Arnold judyad@ionet.net

I am in possession of some letters written to David P. LOWE by family, friends, and business associates. The earliest is dated 1850 and they continue until around 1882. David's address was originally Cincinnati, Ohio but his sisters (and parents, I think) moved from Iowa to Kansas Territory and pleaded with him to follow them to this new land of opportunity. He eventually did, because there are letters addressed to him in Fort Scott and Mound City. He spent some time as a judge in Utah, but returned to Kansas, where he died. I have spent quite a bit of time transcribing and putting these precious letters in chronological order. I believe my parents picked them up at an estate sale, perhaps, because I don't think we have any family ties to these people. I have no birthdates, and little else to go on, but if any of these names seem familiar, please contact me by e-mail.

Father: Jonathan LOWE (brothers: David, Jeremiah; sisters: Sarah, Hannah, Mary)
        son: David P. LOWE (m. Tilney ????)
                their children: Melissa, Edna, Maud, Ida, Eldon
        dau: Julia Ann LOWE (m. ???? WEBER)
                their children: Hattie, Theresa (d. June 1881)
                        Hattie WEBER (m. ????)
                                children: Minnie, Clyde, Eula, Eldon, Evie,
Lyra, Ruthie
        dau: Susan E. LOWE (m. Augustus WATTERS (WATTLES?)
                their children: Sarah, George
        dau: Elisabeth L. LOWE (m. ???? BYRD)
                their children: Mary, Will, Alice

There is also a cousin to David and his sisters mentioned: an Edwin LOWE. I
assume he was the child of one of Jonathan's brothers.

Please understand that this is information gleaned from these letters and I
may have some errors due to misundertanding the contents, but I think these
are the correct relationships. They sound like they were a very interesting
and vigorous family. I'd like to hear from their descendants.


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