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Family History of Frank Lawrence SIMPSON

The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Patti Simpson for contributing this material.

Here is my submission:
Frank Lawrence SIMPSON
Diadamie Ermal SMITH

Frank Lawrence SIMPSON was born 11 JUL 1873 (or 1874?) at ?.  He was the
only surviving child of four born to Herbert Edwin SIMPSON and Sophrona

Diadamie Ermal SMITH was born 14 OCT 1873 to Daniel H. SMITH and Isabel
HUFFMAN.   Her siblings are not known at this time.  In 1886 at the age
of 13, Diadamie came with her family from Indiana to Summit Township in
Decatur County, Kansas.  Her parents homesteaded there in Summit
Township.  Diadamie attended school the next year in 1887 at Summit Sod

Frank SIMPSON applied for a Timber-Culture Patent from the Federal

Frank SIMPSON and Diadamie SMITH were married 08 JUL 1896 in Custer
Township, Decatur County, Kansas.   To them six children were born:

(1)  Holden David SIMPSON, b. 05 FEB 1897, Oberlin, Kansas, m. Neva B.,
d. 1992, buried Oberlin, Kansas;

(2)  Harry Elva SIMPSON, b. 31 AUG 1898, Oberlin, Kansas in a shoddy
located in Liberty Township, m. Vergie BARKER, d.?;

(3)  Elgin Rea SIMPSON, b. 12 OCT 1900, Oberlin, Kansas, m. Lena M.
BROWN, d. 28 DEC 1953 , buried in Oberlin, Kansas;

(4)  Hazel M. SIMPSON, b. 15 OCT 1902, Oberlin, Kansas, m. BOLIN;

(5)  Ralph Herbert SIMPSON, b. 23 APR 1906, Oberlin Kansas, m. Rose E.,
d. 21 FEB 19788 , buried Oberlin, Kansas ;

(6)  Esther Ollie SIMPSON, b. 18 SEP 1918, Oberlin, Kansas, m. #1 Walt

Frank SIMPSON died 27 MAR 1930 from heart failure in the doorway of his
grainery on his farm.  His body was laid out in the farm house  and
buried at the Oberlin, Kansas Cemetery.

Diadamie passed away 29 MAR 1948.  Funeral services were conducted by
Reverend Howard SMOTHERS in the Methodist Church.   She too is buried
in the Oberlin, Decatur County, Kansas Cemetery.

Harry Elva SIMPSON

Harry Elva SIMPSON was born 31 AUG 1898, Oberlin, Kansas in a shoddy
located in Liberty Township.  He was the second child born to Frank and
Diadamie (SMITH) SIMPSON. 

Vergie Bell BARKER was born (?)

Harry SIMPSON and Vergie BARKER were married 21 OCT 1923  in Oberlin,

Herbert Edwin SIMPSON
Sophronia SHAFFER

Herbert Edwin SIMPSON was born 12 JUL 1848 in Wabash County, Indiana to
Jessie Holden SIMPSON and Anna M. NEFF.   The names of his  siblings
are unknown.

Sophrona SHAFFER was born 26 OCT 1846 at Springfield, Clark Co.,
Ohio.   She was one of three daughters born to David SHAFFER and
Elizabeth? BAISINGER.

Herbert Edwin SIMPSON enlisted for one year of service at Danville,
Illinois as a private on 15 FEB 1865 with Company A 154 Regiment of the
Illinois Infantry.  He was 16 years old and living in Tolono, Champaign
County, Illinois when he enlisted.  Two days later, on February 17, 1865
he was on the role at Camp Butler, Illinois.  The role card lists him as
having blue eyes, light hair and a fair complextion standing 5 ft 9in tall.
The role card listed his residence as where enlisted as Tonono,
Champaign, Dist. 7, sub dist. 55, Illinois.  He served in the Civil
War until 18 SEP 1865 when he was honorably discharged at Nashville,

His Declaration Pension lists him as being 5 feet 5 inches tall, having a
fair complexion, blue eyes and light colored hair.  His occupation was a
farmer.  He listed several places of residence after the war, including
Tolona, Illinois, North Manchester, Indiana, Beloit, Kansas and Oberlin,
Kansas.  His pension was listed as $15.50 per month when he died in

It is interesting to note that an H. A. SIMPSON, b. ae 1856 testified 
in Decatur County, Kansas in May, 1917 that he was acquainted with
Herbert E. SIMPSON in 1870, =D2until his death in 1916.  Could he be a
relative that traveled with them from Indiana back in 1879?  This may be
a lead to siblings or cousins.

Sophronia=D5s father, David SHAFFER, acted as guardian to the orphaned
children of Ruben BAISINGER who was killed in the Civil War. 

One of Ruben BAISINGER=D5s children, George W. BAISINGER, signed as
affidavit in June, 1917 stating that, =D2he was acquainted with Herbert E.
SIMPSON during his life time and was acquainted with Sophronia SHAFFER,
in Wabash County, Indiana.  This affidavit was to prove that Sophronia
was the one and only widow of Herbert SIMPSON so she could receive Civil
War Veteran=D5s benefits.

Herbert  and Sophrona were married 18 DEC 1870 near North Manchester,
Wabash Co. Indiana  by Rev. David HIDY (HYDA).  To this union four
children were born, three dying in infancy.

(1)  E.H. SIMPSON (Twin), b. SEP 1871, d. MAY 1872

(2)  H.E. SIMPSON (Twin), b. SEP 1871, d. JUL 1872;

(3)  Frank L. SIMPSON, b. 11 JUL 1873 , m. Diadamie Ermal SMITH, d. 27
MAR 1930;

(4)  Infant daughter, b. MAR 1876, died at birth.

Herbert and Sophrona SIMPSON then came with their family to Oberlin,
Kansas from Indiana by covered wagon pulled by oxen in 1879(?check out
date) where they homesteaded four and a half miles southwest of Oberlin. 
Herbert filed a homestead claim, H.D. No. 12.693 for the W1/2 of the
SE1/4 and the SW1/4 or the NE1/4 and the SE1/4 of the SE1/4 of Section 8,
Township 3 South, Range 29 West.

He was a member of I.O.O.F. (Odd Fellows) and CAR Post 198.  He built
houses, and three of the houses he built still stand today in Oberlin,

Herbert SIMPSON passed away 13 NOV 1916 in Decatur County, Oberlin,
Kansas from a heart attack.  Funeral services were held at the
Christian Church by Rev. A. W. HENRY of Norcatur, Kansas.   Herbert is
buried in the Oberlin, Kansas Cemetery.

Sophrona SHAFFER SIMPSON died 31 AUG 1917  and is also buried in the
Oberlin, Kansas Cemetery.

Nettie NICE

At this time, not much is known about Jno BARKER and Nettie NICE.  They
are the parents of Lawrence J. BARKER and his one sister.  Family stories
say that Jno BARKER and Nettie NICE were killed in an accident and that
Lawrence and his sister were left orphans.  At present time I am
researching a BARKER family back east near Louisville, KY that has record
of a son being killed at an early age, and he could possibly be the
father of Lawrence.

Lawrence J. BARKER
Annie Mary McIlvanie

Lawrence J. BARKER was born 17 DEC 1874 to Jno BARKER and Nettie NICE. 
It is believed he was born in Kentucky.  He was one of two children.

Annie Mary McILVANIE was born 26 JUL 1884 to Joseph McILVANIE and Annie
Mary PALMER.  She was one of seven children.

Lawrence BARKER and Annie McILVANIE were married 03 MAR 1901  in
Oberlin, Kansas  by Baptist Minister, D. O. Banta.  Lawrence was 26
years old and Annie was 16 when they were married, however, on their
marriage license they stated Annie's age as 18.  To them were born five

(1)  Virgie Bell BARKER, b. 07 May 1902.  She was m. 12 Oct 1923 at
Oberlin, Kansas to Harry Elva Simpson. 

(2)  Emery Raymond BARKER, b. 24 Jul 1906, d. 1990.  He was m. ? to Zelda
??, b. 1808, d. 23 Apr 1969.  Both are buried in Oberlin, Kansas.

(3)  Otis Lymon BARKER, b. 20 Jan 1910, d. 01 Jan 1967.  Hie was m. ? to
Wilma ?.  Otis is buried at Ft. Worth, Texas in a private mortuary cemetery=

(4)  Nina Goldie BARKER, b. 19 Apr 1913, d. ?.  She was m. ? to Mr. Hock
Nina is buried at Ft. Worth, Texas in a private mortuary cemetery.

(5)  Conrad (Cornell?) BARKER, b. 23 Mar 1926, d. 24 Mar 1926.  He is
buried in the Oberlin, Kansas Cemetery.

Lawrence BARKER died 26 Oct 1942.  Annie McILVANIE BARKER died 16 OCT
1975???  They are both buried at Oberlin, Kansas.

Annie Mary PALMER

Joseph McILVANIE was born 19 MAY 1851 in Pennsylvania.  He was
Dutch/Irish.  The names of his parents are unknown.  He is known to have
had two brothers, Jim and Dan and two sisters, names unknown.

Annie Mary PALMER was born 31 JAN 1848 in Illinois.  She was
French/English.  The names of her parents are unknown, but she did have
three sisters.

Joseph & Annie McILVANIE were married on ?  and to them seven children
were born:

(1)  Charley Hugh McILVANIE, b. 28 AUG 1874;

(2)  Wilmer Daniel McILVANIE, b. 27 JUN 1878;

(3)  Annie Mary McILVANIE, b. 26 JUL 1884, m. Lawrence J. BARKER 03 MAR
1901 at Oberlin, Kansas ;

(4)  Ella Bertha McILVANIE, b. 18 OCT 1886, d. 24 DEC 1887 (This was a
girl they took in to raise) buried in Oberlin, Kansas Cemetery next to
John and Annie BARKER ;

(5)  Jessy Joe McILVANIE, b. 27 JUN 1889;

(6)  John James McILVANIE, b. 09 JAN 1891;

(7)  Matilda Bell McILVANIE, b. 01 DEC 1892, m. SANDERS, d. 20 OCT 1918,
buried Oberlin, Kansas Cemetery.

Elva SIMPSON, Joseph McILVANIE's grandson remembers sitting in his lap
and stroking Joseph's long white beard.

Joseph McILVANIE died in 1933 and is buried in Oberlin, Kansas Cemetery.

Annie Mary PALMER McILVANIE died in 1932 and is also buried in the
Oberlin, Kansas Cemetery.

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