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Family History of William Ellsworth Stewart

The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Betty I. Ralph for contributing this material.

William Ellsworth Stewart - son  of James B. "Little Jim" and Camillia
  Claver Stewart
b 18 Mar 1869 Lovilia, IA
d 1949 Greenwood Co, KS

married 11 Dec 1886 IA
Alice Jane Forrest dau of Charles Milton and Jane Cousins Forrest
b 23 May 1868 IA
d 26 Apr 1956 Greenwood Co, KS

Mertie Mae b 3 Feb 1889 MO d 31 Aug 1976 KS m Harold Beedles KS
Nellie Edith b 8 Feb 1888 MO m Arthur Braden 3 Oct 1905
Clara Evelyn b 24 Nov 1897 m Vic A. Tanner 8 Aug 1916
Fred Forrest b 9 Nov 1894 d 17 Apr 1926 m Orah Hamon 5 Apr 1916

After William and Alice were married, they started to Kansas in a covered
wagon.  They stopped in either Macon or Moberly, MO, where Mertie and Nellie
were born.  They arrived in Eureka, Greenwood Co, KS, in 1889 and settled in
the Farmington neighborhood.

William made the Cherokee run in OK.  He had checked out the territory in
advance, found some good land, and staked his claim.  Two men rode up on
horseback, beat him up, and took his claim.  He decided KS was a better
place to live.

The Stewarts were charter members of the Farmington Methodist Church and
belonged to the First Methodist Church after they moved to Eureka in 1922.
William was bailiff of the District Court in Eureka for 21 years.  Some of
Alice's family had medical training which they taught her, so she assisted
in the delivery of most of her grandchildren.

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