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Simon Franklin Boicourt Obituary

OBITUARY: of Simon Franklin "Frank" Boicourt. Transcribed 24-Sep-1994 by Evelyn A. Swan (EASwan@aol.com), 2453 Geranium Street, San Diego, CA, 91092. Notes in [ ] are the transcribers.

"Frank Boicourt was born in [McLean County] Illinois Dec 14, 1866. Moved
with his parents [Jefferson Boicourt and Nancy Crews Monroe] in 1880 to
a farm one mile southeast of Beulah, [Crawford Co.] Kansas. He learned
the plasterers trade and worked at it in Fort Scott, Girard and Beulah.
Also in Columbus where he worked on the court house now standing.  He
was a resident of Crawford County 75 years.  Coming to Cherokee in 1911
where he remained until he moved to Baxter Springs, Kas., in September
1950 where he resided until his death Jan 29, 1953.  Interment was in
the Cherokee cemetery.

He was the last remaining member of a family of five, three boys and
two girls.  He leaves ten nephews and nieces, Wilson Lindsey, Nat
Lindsey and Mrs. Nellie Austin of Baxter Springs.  Frank Lindsey of
Springfield, Mo.  Mrs.  Lillie Gann of Woodlake, Calif, Barry Boicourt
and Mrs May Ferrier of Portland, Ore. also Fred Boicourt of New York
state.  Chester Boicourt of Springfield, Or. and Mrs. Beulah Weaver of
Clayton, Mo.  He was a quiet unassuming person well like by all who
knew him."

Transcriber Notes:

This obituary (source unknown) was transcribed from the GEDCOM of
Beulah Belle (Boicourt) Pieroni received June, 1994.  Beulah is a great
niece of Frank Boicourt.  Evelyn Swan is a 1st cousin 2 removed of

Wilson Lindsey, Nat Lindsey, Nellie (Lindsey) Austin, Frank Lindsey and
Lillie (Lindsey) Gann are children of Frank Boicourt's sister Anna
Serena (Boicourt) Lindsey.

Barent "Barry" Jefferson Boicourt, Maymie "May" Aurelia (Boicourt)
Ferrier and Alfred "Fred" Evan Boicourt are children of Frank
Boicourt's brother Beverly Simpson Boicourt.

Chester Boicourt and Beulah (Boicourt) Weaver are children of Frank
Boicourt's brother Arthur Boicourt.

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