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Family History of George Franklin THOMAS

The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Debbie Reitz (debbieritz@aol.com) for contributing this material.

   Married Hattie Allee' Clark.
   George was born on 01-12-1870 in Clarinda,Ia.
   died on 01-30-19??
   George was the son of Marion Frances and Parthena Thomas.
   Hattie was born on 10-21-1876 in High Point,Mo.
   died on 09-??-19??
   She was the daughter of John and Martha Ann (Simmons) Clark.
****Note-All places listed as lived in are on the date of 02-08-1960.****

   Their Children:

   1.Granvile F.Thomas
     Born on 09-21-1898.Lived in Kansas City,Mo.
     Married to Lilly Briggs then to Lucille Woods.
     Hazel wrote the names on Helen,Grace,and Leona above Granvilles name(?).

   2.Gertrude Ellen Thomas
     Born on 03-14-1899 in Florence,Mo.
     Married Dewey Hobson Thomas and had 3 children.
     Gertrude was living in Gardener,Tx. when Sid died.
     Her children:
	1.Otis A.J. Thomas
	2.Mrs.Walter Wolf
	3.Mrs Frank Shimek
	  has a girl named Gillie.

   3.Ira Edward Thomas
     Born on 09-26-1901.
     Married Opal Workman.
     Lived in Kansas City,Mo. 
     SSDI has him:died on 07-1979 in Summerville,SC,

   4.Michael Sidney "Sid" Allen (Allen written by Hazel as Allee' 
     and Michael not on any of his papers.)
     born on 02-26-1905 
     (Death certificate states that Sidney Allen Thomas was born 
     on 02-26-1913 which can't be true because of Earl Cleos dates.
     Also Hazel has written 1905,but Sharon Ann says 1904.)Married to 
     Dorothy "Faye" Cittron in 1922,and they had 3 boys before her 
     death.Sid then married Hazel Charlotte Helm Beckett on 07-11-1927 
     and they had 3 girls (the children are listed later).
     Sid died on 02-08-1960 in St.Augustine,Fl. of a heart attack.

   5.Dorothy Opal Thomas
     Born on 06-18-1906.
     Was first married to Horace Earl Morris in 1923.
     They adopted 3 sons before divorcing on 09-06-1954.
     Her second marriage was to Bob Caldwell (no Children).
     She lived in Kansas City ,Mo.Their children:
	1.Wade Morris
	2.George Morris
	3.Clarence Morris

   6.Charles "Murvin" Franklin Thomas
     Born on 05-14-1908.
     SSDI has him as as died 6-1955. 
     Murvin married Leora Selby in 1928 and they had a son before 
     her death.
     Murvin then married Lula Mae in 1946 
     (she had a daughter from a previous marriage who was in a accident 
     on the way to the airport for her honeymoon.A car accident on the 
     Missouri bridge killed her husband instantly,and her a week later.
     She was buried in her wedding dress.)
     Murvin and Leoras child:
	1.Lloyd Thomas
	  Married Mary Ann Helm (Sids second wifes neice).

   7.Leo Nelson Thomas Sr.
     Born on 11-19-1910.
     SSDI has him as:died on 11-25-1969  
     Married Velma Louise Stottlemeyer and had 2 sons.
     They lived in Kansas City,Ks.Their children:
	1.Earl C. Thomas
	2.Leo N. Thomas Jr.
	  Married Hazel.

   8.Earl Cleo
     born on 02-15-1913
     died in 2-26-1913.

   9.Bessie Lucille Thomas
     Born on 05-10-1914.
     SSDI has her as died on 10-01-92.   
     Married to James "Jimmy" A.Smith in 1932 and had 3 children.
     They lived in Kansas City,Mo.
     Their children:
	1.Sondra Thomas
	2.Gary Thomas
 	3.?David? Thomas

  10.Junior Dennis Albert "J.D." Thomas
     Born on 01-29-1918.
     SSDI has him:died on 09-04-1993 in Shawnee Mission Ks.   
     Married Marry Helm and had 1 boy(?) and 1 girl(?).
     They lived in Kansas City,Mo.

  11.Lorena Pearl Thomas
     Born on 02-18-1922.
     Married a Thompson,then Curtis D.Hopson on 11-11-1929 and had 2 children.
     *Note-Hazel wrote both dates but unless she was married at 7 one is wrong.
     Lorena died in the 70's.
     Her children:
	1.Arlene Hopson
	2.David Hopson

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   provide any additional information or if you see anything wrong.You can 
   E-mail me at debbieritz@aol.com.Keep me informed and I will do the same 
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