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Kansas Family History

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Bourbon County, KS and Jennings County, IN

Hello. I'm trying to do some family tree searching in the WWW. I have a distant relative who was born in Kansas. My family is mostly from Indiana, and I can't figure out why every person in this one branch was born in Indiana except for this person: Eliza Pearl Tobias, daughter of Theopolis and Elizabeth (Scott) Tobias, was born March 26, 1883 in Fulton City, Bourbon Co. Kansas. I have searched the Kansas infor available on the net, and cannot find any info on this person. As I said, the rest of her family (parents and siblings) were all born, married and died in Jennings County Indiana. Wierd. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can find more info about this person, or why her family would have traveled to Fulton, Kansas for such a short pe riod of time, then returned to Indiana? Thank you for any help you might be able to offer! Sincerely, Vicki Tobias
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