The Heritage Server would like to thank Sean Furniss for providing this information. The information presented here was extracted from the manuscript The Vohs Families of Kansas, then modified for presentation as html documents.

From Lorch on the banks of the Rhine River in the Dukedom of Nassau to the prairies of Kansas in the United States, this is a history of one of the early families that settled in Wea Township in Miami County, Kansas.

The town of Lorch is located on the east bank of the Rhine River, due west of Wiesbaden, Germany. It is approximately 43 kilometers southwest of the Camberg/ Oberselters where the Vohs brothers of Wea, Kansas were born. In 1994 the town of Oberselters is in the state of Hesse, located to the west of Frankfort and north of Camberg in Germany.

The translation of the word oberselters from german to english is upper springs, a reference to the mineral springs which are found there. During a visit to Oberselters, Germany, in April 1994, Brian J. Vohs found that the waters were still being bottled for sale.

Table of Contents

  1. Acknowledgements

  2. Part I, The Lorch and Oberselters Decendents

    The first part of this record contains the family history and genealogy of the Vohs brothers who settled in Wea Township, Miami County, Kansas.

    A) First Records

    B) The First Three Generations in the Dukedom of Nassau

    C) The Fourth Generation settles in Wea Township

    D) The Fifth Generation, the childern of the Vohs Settlers.

    Children of Anthony Eugene Vohs

    Children of Joseph Vohs

    Children of Jacob Vohs

    Children of Peter Vohs

    Children of Eugene Vohs

    E) The Sixth Generation

  3. Part II, Other Vohs Families in Kansas.

    The second part of this record contains information about the other Vohs families in Kansas which are not presently known to be related to the five Vohs brothers who settled in Wea Township.

  4. Surname Index

    The index is a copy of the surname index found in the manuscript The Vohs Families of Kansas with selective links to related electronic documents.

Updated 23 January 1995. This family history information is based on the manuscript The Vohs Families of Kansas prepared by Sean Furniss, 11094 Saffold Way, Reston, VA 22090,
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