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Family History of William Marion WALTER

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Stephen Chinn (chinn@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu) for providing this information.

30-Jun-1995                  Family Group Sheet

 Husband: William Marion WALTER                                         
    Born:                 in: KY                                          
    Died:                 in: MorrisCo, KS                              1  
     Ref:                     Occupation: postmaster/teacher              
  He supposedly walked out from Kentucky some time around 1860.
  Marion Walter was the official postmaster at Far West, Morris County, KS
  on upper Clarks Creek.

    Wife: Nancy Magdilla BURTON   
 Married:  7-Dec-1863     in: KY                                          
    Born:                 in:                                             
    Died:                 in:                                             

F Child 1 Ethel WALTER  age: 81 
    Born:  3-Mar-1867     in: Far West, MorrisCo, KS                      
    Died: 25-May-1948     in: MorrisCo, KS                                
  Buried:                 in: Burton Cemtery, Parkerville, KS             
  Spouse: William Marion KENDALL  
 Married:                 in:                                             

1 Schumacher, Laura. "Clarks Creek Township." R & D Printers - Abilene, Kansas.
 1980. Write to: Mrs. Mildred Wade Potts, 406 S. Adams ST., Junction City,
 Kansas 66441.

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