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Kansas Family History

The WARFORD Family Line

The following is an extract of a wider manuscript that I have prepared, and contains family histories of the LANGSTON, BREEDEN, and McGINTY family lines. Please send comments to Stu Warford: stu.warford@verizon.net

Wilson WARFORD (b: 1836 PA d:1910 MO)
m: Lucinda HOUSEWORTH (b: 1846 PA d: 1929 CA)

Our earliest known WARFORD ancestor was Wilson WARFORD, born in 1836  in 
Bridgeton, Bucks, PA  on the Delaware River.  Wilson stood 5'5" tall, was of 
"blond complexion" with brown eyes and sandy hair.

Wilson was a farmer by trade.  But when the Civil War came along, Wilson 
enrolled in the Union Army at Fon-du-lac, Wisconsin on the 7th day of May 
1861 as a private in Company I. 3rd Reg. of Wisconsin Infantry.

On March 3, 1866, Wilson married Lucinda HOUSEWORTH (b: 3-Mar-1846, Upper 
Black Eddy, Bucks, PA d: 16-Apr-1929, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA ) at 
Upper Black Eddy, Bucks, Pennsylvania by James Ballou, a Justice of the 
Peace.   This was apparently the second marriage for Wilson and the first 
marriage for Lucinda.   Lucinda was the daughter of John HOUSEWORTH and 
Margaret SHAFER.

Wilson and Lucinda WARFORD had five sons (John, Charles, Ralph, Wilson, Jr, 
and William) and five daughters (Alice, Lilly, Daisey, Margaret, and Mary). 
  Apparently during the first few years of their life together, Wilson and 
Lucinda moved (or at least traveled) from Pennsylvania (ca 1866) through 
Wisconsin (1870) before settling in Fort Scott, Bourbon, Kansas (around 

Wilson WARFORD died 11-Sep-1910 in Kansas City, MO.   After his death, 
Lucinda migrated to Los Angeles, CA, presumably to be with two of her 
daughters, Daisey Etola Warford FRIEDNICK, and Margaret Lula Warford VINING.
John Moses WARFORD (b: 1866 PA d: 1938 KS)
m: Mary Ellen ________ (b: 1872 KS d: aft 1943)

John Moses WARFORD was born 22-Jan-1866 in Bridgeton, Bucks, PA, the second 
of ten children.  In his early years he was a brick mason, and later ran a 
nursery in Iola, Allen, Kansas.

John Moses WARFORD married Mary Ellen _______ (b: May-1872 ,, KS d: aft 
1943) ca 1893.  They had four sons (Earl Sr., Clarence, Elmer, and Kenneth) 
and three daughters (Leona, Mary, and Edith).

John Moses WARFORD died 06-May-1938 in Iola, Allen, KS.  Mary Ellen WARFORD 
died sometime after 1943.
Earl Raymond WARFORD, Sr. (b: 1893 KS d: 1943 TX)
m: Rose Marie LANGSTON (b: 1896 OK, d: 1987 CA)

Earl Raymond WARFORD, Sr. was born in December 1893 at Fort Scott, Bourbon, 

Earl Sr. married Rose Marie LANGSTON (b: 21-Mar-1896 Indianola, Pittsburg, 
OK d: Feb-1987 Bakersfield, Kern, CA) abt 1916.  Their only child, Earl Jr. 
was born the next year, in 1917.

Earl Sr. served in the United States Army from 15-Jan-1918 to 15-Dec-1918. 
 He received an honorable discharge as a corporal.  He entered the army at 
Iola, KS, and separated from the service in Garden City, Long Island, NY.

About 1925, Earl Sr. and Rose Marie WARFORD separated and divorced.  Earl Sr 
and his son, Earl Jr., traveled to Sacramento, CA.  Rose Marie (some would 
call her "Roxxie") later moved there as well, and gained custody of Earl Jr. 
 After their divorce, Earl Sr. remarried on 05-Nov-1932.  The name of his 
second wife is unknown.

Rose Marie LANGSTON also remarried, date unknown, to Alva D. HECKERT.  Rose 
was a woman of great personal fortitude and considerable financial means. 
 She loved to travel and host visitors from various countries.  She was 
personally responsible for the American education provided to two Filipino 
youths, allowing them to live with her during their studies.

Earl Sr. died 2-Jun-1943 in Galveston, Galveston, TX, in a freak accident, 
as noted in The Iola Register:

"Earl Warford Funeral Monday Morning at 10

"Funeral services for Earl Warford, who drowned Tuesday while fishing on the 
beach near Galveston, Texas, will be held in the Sleeper Chapel at 10 a.m. 
Monday and will be conducted by the Rev. Stanley Taylor.  Burial will be in 
Highland cemetery.

"Mr. Warford was born in Fort Scott but spent most of his life in Iola and 
was educated in the schools here.  He was a brick mason by trade and moved 
to Galveston a few years ago.

"He was fishing in the surf last Tuesday afternoon when a large breaker 
knocked him off his feet.  He was rescued within fifteen or twenty minutes 
but could not be revived.  He was considered an expert swimmer and surf 
fisherman and friends are at a loss to explain why he was unable to keep 
afloat.  He is survived by his widow of the home at Galveston; his mother, 
Mrs. M.E. Warford, 103 North Fourth; a son, Earl Warford, Jr., a brother, 
Clarence, Houston, Tex., and two sisters, Mrs. Edith Osborn who lives in 
Venezuela and Mrs. Leon Blankenhagen, Iola."

Earl Sr's son, Earl Raymond WARFORD, Jr. was notified of the death on June 
11, 1943 in a Western Union telegram from his aunt Zelma WARFORD (wife of 
Clarence, Earl Sr.'s brother).

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