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Letter from Carl Weick to Ruth Weick Casisky

The Heritage Server would like to thank Theresa Joos for submitting
this letter 20 Nov 1994.

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The following is a letter my great-grandfather Carl Weick wrote to my
grandmother, Ruth Weick Casisky in response to her request for family
information. I think this was when she was applying for her delayed 
birth certificate. I copied this as closely as possible so all the
spelling and puncuation is his.


                Salina, Kans 
                Feb 6th 1942

Dear Ruth
Just a few lines in reply to your 
letter of Wednesday regarding dates 
of birth etc. etc. which find
enclosed, same being as near
correct as my memory aids me.
When we broke up our home after
Mothers death sister Lena took 
such papers etc. with her as
she wanted, for you know I did
not keep house for nine years
after that until I married
again in 1922.
I have lived in Salina since
1902, coming here from Ellsworth.

We came to America in 1881,
this was shortly after the
Buffalo left, of whose bones
and horns I saw scores of
car loads, piled beside the U.P.
R.R. tracks at Wilson Kans.
being shipped.
You could buy a horse (pony)
at $1.00 to $3.00 each, from
herds of 200 to 300, all coming
from Colorado and Texas, sold by 
the Cowboys, from R.R. Stock-yards
In those days Caravans of from
ten to twenty five ox teams went
west to find new homes for their
owners, taking up R.R. or School
land, all unbroken by plows.
With love to all

                 Salina, Kans. 2-6-1942

My father John Weick was born 
in Huttenheim, Baden, Germany
1838, died 1893 at Ellsworth Kans.
My mother was born in 1852
in Oberhausen, Baden, Germany.
died at Salina Kans in 1902.
We came to America in 1881
to Wilson, Ellsworth county.
My five sisters i.e. Lena,
Louise, Marie, Ida and Helen
and I were born in Germany
but my brother Henry was born
at Ellsworth Kans. (only brother).
We six children were all born 
in Huttenheim Germany.
Father and I were naturlized
at Ellsworth Kans.
Your mother was born in
Pittsburg Pa in 1882, passed
away in 1913 here in Salina Ks

              Carl J. Weick

The original is in the posession of my mother Kathleen Casisky Martin.

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