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Family History of Austin Cicero Williams

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Kansas Family History

The Kansas Heritage server would like to thank Robert Ricke for contributing this material.

 Austin Cicero Williams  (my great-grandparents)
B.  6/9/1881 Barren Creek, Missouri
D.  10/27/1967
Married:  Carrie Rosetta Welsh
               8/13/1902  Hazelton, Kans.
B.  9/4/1884  Bolivar, Missouri
D.  6/20/1951  Hazelton, Kans.
Buried:  Rose HIll Cem.  Hazelton, Kans.


B.  9/15/1909  Bolivar, Missouri
D.  11/16/1986  Anthony, Kans.
Married:  Maude Spicer  
D.  6/7/1982
Buried:  Rose HIll Cem.  Hazelton, Kans.
(One Child:  Linda)

Ben Austin  (My grand-parents)
B.  10/20/1904  Bolivar, Missouri
D.  8/28/1071  Kiowa, Kans.
Married:  Della Ione Coonrod
              7/2/1926  Waldron, Kans.
B.  10/17/1905  Raymond, Illinois
(Ione is still alive and will be celebrateing
 her 94th birthday this year)
Ben is buried at Rose Hill Cem.  Hazelton, Kans.

b.  4/7/1931
Married:  George Martin

Nancy Lee   (See RICKE  FAMILY) 


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