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Malinda Reagan Wilson

Transcribed October 8, 1994 by:

Evelyn A. (Lyn) Swan
2453 Geranium Street
San Diego, CA 92109

Remarks in [ ] are the transcribers.

[Newspaper article probably from the Wichita Eagle or Beacon, February

Time Since Civil War is Spanned By Her Memory.

Two months before the Civil war began in April of 1861, Malinda Reagan
was born.  The civil war lasted four years.  Sunday, Malinda Reagan was
101 years old.  She has been Mrs. Malinda Wilson since 1876.

During that time she has outlived her parents, husband, five brothers
and sisters, and two of her three children.

For the past 14 years she has made her home with Mrs. E. W. Wilkins at
515 North Bickford and until September of 1961 took almost complete
care of herself.  Since September she has been bedfast but the
confinement hasn't slowed her mind at all.

Cheerful and happy, Mrs. Wilson posed for pictures Monday.  Along side
of her was a pot of the flowers she loves so well.

Jokingly she asked the photographer if it wouldn't be better to just
take a picture of the flowers and leave her out.

Born in Georgetown, Ill., Mrs. Wilson has little recollection of the
Civil war and remembers only that there was only one man left in
Georgetown, a great uncle.  She also recalled that her mother had to do
all the work and ride five miles daily to pick up the mail.

In 1876 Mrs. Wilson's parents and her brothers and sisters moved to
Sedgwick, Kan.  "Houses weren't much in those days, just two rooms, and
they were scarce," she said.

When Malinda Reagan, who was then a girl of 15, first saw the house she
was to live in, a young man was shoveling wheat out of the bedroom.
The house, vacant, had been used for storage.

The man shoveling the wheat was Ambrose Wilson.  Later that year they
were married. [Ambrose is the son of Amos Wilson & Caroline Englis (b.
12 Jul 1840, probably in NY) & grandson of Ezra Englis & Arma Bonney,
Caroline & Amos were likely wed in Cass Cty, IL].

As far as the trip to Kansas was concerned, Mrs. Wilson said the family
had all new equipment but the roads or trails were terrible.  "It
rained," she said, "and sometimes the wagons would be stuck to the hob
of the wheel.  One day we only made 12 miles."

Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Wilson lived in Sedgwick after their marriage.
They had three children.  First born was I. [Ira?  Ambrose had a
brother Ira] N. Wilson, who now lives at 410 South Macomb.  The other
two children are deceased.

About 1890 the family moved to Oklahoma.  Ambrose Wilson, who later
worked on the railroad, was killed in 1910 in a railroad accident
between Guthrie and Kingfisher.

Other members of Mrs. Wilson's family include a grandson, L. F. Heenan
of Oklahoma City and three great-grandchildren.

"What was the highlight of your life?" Mrs. Wilson was asked.

[Remainder of article missing :-( ]

Transcriber Notes:

A picture of Malinda Reagan Wilson accompanies the article.  The
caption reads "Mrs. Malinda Wilson - 101 years old".

Evelyn A. Swan (g-granddaughter of Caroline Englis's sister Eunice
Hinman Englis) is a 1st cousin twice removed of Malinda Reagan's
husband Ambrose Wilson.  If you are kin to Ambrose or Malinda she would
be delighted to hear from you.

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