Andrew County, MO
5/2/98 field trip to
Bonner Springs, KS
Wyandotte County, KS

On May 2, 1998, a group from the Andrew County, MO Genealogy and Historical Society climbed aboard this bus ... bus
and headed south to Bonner Springs, KS. Our first destination was the Agricultural Hall of Fame.
The main building honors Agricultural Hall of Fame men and women who helped change the process of agriculture by overcoming obstacles, and by producing more crops, faster. The center displays the housekeeping items farm families used inside and the museum displays the tools used outside, from toys to heavy farm equipment.

After exploring the exhibits inside the Hall of Fame and the Museum of Farming, we wandered outside to Farm Town, with its ....

one room school, general store, blacksmith shop, and railway depot

Some of us rode on straw bales in this wagon to the Smith house, a farm house just north of Farm Town. The house was donated by the daughters of Charles A. and Sarah (FEATHERSTON) SMITH, of Anderson and Franklin Counties, Kansas, in honor of their pioneer and farming heritage.

Near the barn, some kids were demonstrating how the wash used to get done. They decided having fewer clothing was a good idea, since washing this way takes quite awhile.

Before too long, it was noon. In keeping with our "heritage focus" we headed to Grandma's Kitchen, a restaurant across from this shopping center.

After lunch, our bus driver took us to the
Wyandotte County Historical Museum
before heading home.

Now where do you suppose we will go next year?

Pictures and page by Nancy Sween, 1998