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Wyandotte County, Kansas

What to see - where to stay in and around
Bonner Springs or Kansas City KS

Things to see in Kansas City along I-70 and US 24-40 highways, crossing the Kansas (Kaw) River from Kansas City, Missouri into Wyandotte County KS.

Ag Hall
Hall of Fame (1997)
Bonner Springs, western Wyandotte County. Visit the Wyandotte County Historical Museum's Wyandot Days (1997). Take a field trip to the Agriculture Hall of Fame. There's also Verizon Ampitheater and the Renaissance Festival.
Edwardsville, KS
Edwardsville, western Wyandotte County.

Kaw Mouth
The mouth
of the Kaw (5/97)
Kansas (Kaw) River. The mouth of the Kaw at the Missouri River, May, 1997, in Kansas City, KS looking toward Kansas City, MO.

Huron Cemetery
The Huron Cemetery is the burial ground of the Wyandottes. Located northeast and across the street from the courthouse, the cemetery borders on the Public Library.

Wyandotte County
Courthouse (12/97)
Kansas City, county seat of Wyandotte County.
Cooling off
in the lake
Lake of the Forest, western Wyandotte County.

* Greyhound and horse racing: The Woodlands, north on 435, east on Leavenworth Road.
* NASCAR racing at Kansas Speedway, 435 and I-70.
June 1997
Wyandotte County Museum & Historical Society, north of the I70 - Bonner Springs exit. Help re-enact history during Wyandot Days (1997).

Other sights, other views:

the Kansas Bottoms below the KC, MO skyline
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