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Edwardsville KS - Local Pictures

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Where to stay around Edwardsville
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Quick Tour Around Edwardsville, Kansas

Edwardsville, KS
KC Kansas
We're part of KCK:
"Not just another cowtown"
North of the
Kaw (Kansas) River
Edw PO
Edwardsville PO
John "Tiny"
McGruff in
32 house
House on Hwy 32
in Edwardsville, 1997
Scouts 1996
Local scouts
camping out
(photo: Robinson)
church Edwardsville Christian Church, Aug 1998
band Edwardsville students go to Bonner Springs HS 204 WalnutHill
Walnut Hill Farm B&B
near Kansas Speedway
Kansas Speedway
from 110th and I-70
opened May 2001
Other local Churches around Edwardsville and Bonner Springs
KSHB 41's Gary Lezak
and Windy
Windy, the Channel 41 Weather Dog
Channel 41's Chief Meteorologist, Gary Lezak, and Windy were guests of the VIP club from the Edwardsville Bank MidWest on September 20 2000 at the Bonner Springs United Methodist Church. (The weather? It rained.)