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Upstream along the Kaw (Kansas) River
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Kansas CountyCam visits "Kaw-Cam"
The Kaw (Kansas) River
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The mouth of the Kaw River, Kansas City
From June 26 to 28 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition camped here at the mouth of the Kaw (Kansas) River where it flows into the Missouri River.
River City USA
Kansas City
Steamboats once navigated both the Missouri and the Kaw Rivers, exchanging goods from back east for goods from the western frontier. Through the summer of 1997, you could take boat rides on the Missouri River at River City USA, in Kansas City, KS.
Mouth of the Kaw
Kaw Bridge
Kansas City
At "Kaw's mouth", the Missouri bends north toward Leavenworth and east through Kansas City, Missouri, past Ft. Osage, toward its mouth into the Mississippi River at St. Louis.
MO River, from the
Ft. Osage, MO
porch (1997)
93 Flood
Flood of
July 1993
Kansas City
93 Flood
Marking the
1993 flood
Kansas City
In July 1993, the Kaw River flooded. Employees of River City USA marked how high the flood waters had come up the walkway to the boat. More on the 1993 flood
* Today's Kansas flood watch
Kaw Bridge
Kansas City
In October 1997 on the bridge across the Kaw, just south of the I-70 bridge into KC, MO, driftwood evidence of the height of the 1993 flood still remained atop one abutment.

History of the 12th Street Bridge

1951 Flood
* Before the Flood (+ 1903, 1844)
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* Great Flood of July 1951
* Effect on Railroads
* Flood of the Century
* Lawrence * Topeka
* Flood Photo Gallery
* 1951 Floods in KS Revisited
1903 Flood
* KCK Public Library
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* Climate: all KS floods

Historic Images of Kansas City (KC Library)
* Kansas River
More on the 1993 Midwest Floods: * Historic KS floods
* Smokey Hill River * Missouri - Mississippi Rivers
Historically, the area of Muncie, KS was the site of one of the Chouteau family fur trading forts on the Kaw River when the Kansa people lived here. Later, when the Kansa people were removed west to make room for several eastern tribes, the Munsee Moravian Mission was established in Muncie for the Muncie Nation.
Grinter Place and the history of the area, including the Delaware Crossing of the Kaw. Also see: Ferries in Kansas: The Missouri River, parts 1 and 2.
The Donner Party and Sarah Handley "Grandma" Keyes
Grandma Keyes
In 1846, the Donner party followed the Oregon Trail through Kansas and crossed the Kansas River twice, per Grandma Keyes' Grave.

"The Reed and Donner party crossed the Kaw river only a few miles west of where it empties into the Missouri, and went in a northwest direction until they crossed the Kaw river more than a hundred miles almost due west from where they crossed the Kaw. They must necessarily have followed the old California trail clear through as that was the only trail in existence at that time through that section of country, and that trail ran almost due north from the Kaw river for many miles before it took a northwest course and struck the Big Blue many miles north of its mouth, and four miles north of the mouth of the Little Blue." (Utah Crossroads)

The group crossed the Kaw near Topeka, KS (see May 19th). Grandma Keyes was the first of the Donner party to die, dying in Kansas.

Besides reading the links above, students can learn about the Donner Party reading the book Patty Reed's Doll.

K-7 bridge, looking toward Bonner Springs, KS
The Chouteau fur traders also built the "Four Houses" fort decades before present day Bonner Springs was established.
Kaw River, at DeSoto KS
From September 19 through October 19, 1997, the Kaw Valley Heritage Alliance (KVHA) presented the "Rollin' Down the River Festival", starting in Junction City (origin of the Kaw River) and finishing at Kansas City.
Canoes on the Kaw:
* Canoe Camping: top 40 includes the Kansas (Kaw) River * Kansas Rivers and Streams
* Friends of the Kaw * Kansas Paddlers
Lawrence, KS (1880s) 25,000 visitors along the Kaw
Topeka, KS: Thomas Averill of Washburn University talks of Kansas and water.

Other sights, other views:
Kaw Valley Art (Generaux)
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