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US24-40 Highway through Kansas City, KS
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Kaw River
Kaw (Kansas)
West-bound traffic from Kansas City, Missouri (the railroad is under the highway) follows the Missouri River, then crosses the Kansas (Kaw) River into Kansas City, Kansas on the combined Interstate 70, US24, and US40 Highways. History: Lewis and Clark Trail
River boats
toward KC, MO
On the western part of the bridge, I70 and US40 turn to the left. The Fairfax District turns to the right (north) and was once the entrance to "River City USA". US24 continues through downtown Kansas City, Kansas, called State Street. History: The Kaw River, including floods
Strawberry Hill
Strawberry Hill Museum (10/97)
East of 5th Street, KCK, St. John's Roman Catholic Church and the Strawberry Hill Museum are on the cliff just west of I70, US40, the Kaw River, and KC, MO.
Huron Cemetery
Straight west off the bridge, on Minnesota Avenue, is the main KCK Public Library and the Huron Cemetery (pictured) to your left, just before 7th Street.
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The National Road (i.e., US Route 40) rejoins US24 near the Kansas City Kansas Community College. History: the National Road.

KS Speedway
I70 & 110th St
In 2001, the Kansas Speedway opened for Nascar racing between the US24-40 Highway (State Avenue) and I70. Other businesses building in this area include Carbela's, the Great Wolf Lodge, Nebraska Furnature, and the KC T-Bones. Where to stay? What to do?

Historical marker
Marker just east of 104th Street and US24: The Emigrant Tribes. The Kansa people, for whom Kansas is named, moved further west to make room for the Delaware, Wyandot, Shawnee, Pottawatomee, Ottawa, Miami, Chippewa, and Kickapoo. More of the sign. History: Local tribes

Historical marker
Marker on US24 just east of Highway 7. Brief history of Kansas City, Kansas area from 1804 to 1886, including Lewis & Clark (1804), Wyandot Indians' Huron Cemetery, "The Prophet" of the Shawnee who fought at Tippecanoe, and more.

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A mule-drawn, high tech covered wagon traveled the 24 Highway from Lawrence, June 21 1998 (Kansas Electronic Document Center, Inc.)

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