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The Kansas State Historical Society, on October 13, 1996, presented the following commendation to the Kansas Heritage Group for their contributions to presenting history on the world wide web. David A. Haury, Assistant Director of KSHS, described to the Society's officers and members the various activities and functions of the Kansas Heritage Group before presenting the commendation. Dick Taylor, director of the Kansas Collection and EKIS websites, accepted the commendation on behalf of Lynn Nelson, creator of the History Gateway at Kansas, and the entire Heritage Group of volunteers -- at the time, Susan Stafford, Dick Taylor, Steve Chinn, Nancy Sween, and many others. Dr. Lynn H. Nelson, Emeritus Professor of History, KU, has continued his volunteer WWW-Virtual Library and WWW-VL: History network work, in addition to the Kansas history sites he started on the pre-web world of the Internet. Due to Lynn, the KSHS was the first state history association in the US on the web.

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