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* Winter Wheat in the Golden Belt of Kansas
by James C. Malin. A classic on Kansas agriculture history.

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* Border Ruffian Code in Kansas,
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* Crime Against Kansas, Sumner
* Voice of Kansas, Let the South Respond, Law and Order Party of Kansas Territory

* An Act to Organize the Territories of Nebraska and Kansas


Kansas Sights

Located west of the Missouri River, Kansas is one of the Great Plains states.

Physiographic map of Kansas
On-Line Maps of Kansas
Kansas in 1895
Maps and Travel links & searches (MiniMeta)
Maps from the American West WWW-VL
Kansas: Prairie Dog Town from Roadside America
Old West Kansas
Travel Plan USA

People: As the population of the United States grew and moved westward, native Americans were relocated ahead. Other families left North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and beyond to stake their claims to land out west. Some became Kansas pioneers.
The newer settlers' claims to land on the plains were based upon land grants determined not locally, and not traditionally, but by the government in Washington, D.C. Some homesteaded, like the Ingalls family who lived in the "LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE", including one near Independence, KS. Even before Kansas became a free state, African Americans crossed the Missouri River at Quindaro to escape slavery. Cattlemen and other businesmen staked their claims on the prairie, and gunfighters followed, especially after the American Civil War. Groups of people from other countries often immigrated into Kansas, so a wide variety of people have lived or passed through here. Do you have any Kansas ancestors?

Buffalo Soldiers
Buffalo Soldiers: 10th Cavalry served from Ft. Leavenworth.
International Museum of the Horse
Buffalo Soldier History Overview (Vision Quest)
Books about Buffalo Soldiers by Frank N. Schubert
United States Colored Troups in the Civil War
Black Military History (About.com)
Buffalo Soldiers from WWII
Rediscovering America: Buffalo Soldiers Q&As for school

Also see: Kansas people today: Kansas news, adoption,
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Famous Kansans:
Maurice Greene, "World's Fastest Man", Kansas City, KS
Kansas History
Notable Persons of African Descent
Notable Kansan Women
More Notable Kansans
Eminent Kansans, famous elsewhere
Facts about Kansas
Prairie People
TrackStar's Civil War Quiz
Kansas and the Civil War
Also see: People of the American West.
Search for living people or ancestors.

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Kansas Trails

Exploring Kansas * Kansas Highways * Hwy 50/56 (Jensen)
Kansas Forts and Kansas Historic Trails
"Big Muddy" trip: Meander the Missouri on a River Barge
Oregon Trail: The Trail West (Philbrick) * Oregon Trail links (Larson) * Overland Trail History (Larson)
* Oregon Trail (Trinklein) * Pioneer Trails from US Land Surveys (Werner)
Pony Express Home Station (Crews)
Interactive Santa Fe Trail (Sween) * CyberTour- Santa Fe Trail (Sween)
Bloody Kansas

Sign Slideshow

What was "Bloody Kansas"?

Kansas Collection | KSHS bibliography | Hwy 69 Cybertour | Jayhawkers and women involved in the KS-MO border warfare |

Mine Creek
Battlefield | History | Pictures: the area, today | School Project | Confederate soldiers, Mine Creek | Maps of the Mine Creek battle area
More on the Civil War
The Civil War Comes to Indian Territory, with some activity in Kansas. This chapter is part of a dissertation on Cherokee and Black Freedmen.
Kansas Towns

Kansas City, KS

Some of the towns of Kansas established during the 1800s became well known "cow towns." Remember Abilene? Council Grove, in Morris County, was a rendezvous point on the commercial Santa Fe Trail. Ever hear how the law came to Dodge City? It's all right here, in Old West Kansas. Middle school students in Burdette, KS studied about the history of Ft. Larned. Speaking of school, can you pass a test 8th graders in Kansas took in 1918? Kansas had one room schools.
Kansas Museums

Ft. Scott KS

Kansas Museum list
Historical Markers
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