Harlan Family History
from Smith Center (Harlan) Kansas
by Mary (Harlan) Norris, kc3@sound.net

Pictoral History of the Harlan and Barr Families

John Carter Harlan, Born on May 15,1816 in Adams Twp., Clinton Co., Ohio. 
John Carter  died in Smith County, Kansas on Sept.29,1878.
Occupation: Lawyer; Probate Judge in Smith Co. Kansas. 
He married Sarah Doxey on Dec.28,1843 in White Co.,Indiana.

After their marriage they moved to Warren Co. Ohio, and then they moved to 
Wayne Co. Indiana, and later to Missouri. In 1871, they moved to Smith Co. 
Kansas.   At the time of his death John Carter Harlan was probate Judge of 
Smith Co.,Kansas. 

Sarah Jane Doxey was born July 10th,1822 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. 
Sarah Jane died in Smith Co. Kansas on Oct.12th,1907, she was 85. 
Sarah Jane was still living at the time of her husband’s death.

They had the following children:
 Virginia D. Harlan (B.1845 - D.1866)
 Clarence Bryant Harlan (B.1849 - D.1915)
 Marcus Eugene Harlan (B. 1851- D.?)
 Mary E. LuLu Harlan   (B. 1854 - D. ?)

Virginia D. Harlan was born Feb.17,1845, in White Co. Ind, she died on July 3, 1866, at Marion, Grant Co. Ind., and was buried there. She married a Charles A. Jones who was born Oct.1,1865, they had young Virginia D. Jones, she was born on July 3,1866. Her mother died at her birth. She was adopted by her Grandparents, John Carter Harlan and Sarah Jane (Doxey) Harlan.

Young Virginia’ father( Charles A. Jones) later left for San Diego, Cal. with an older son who was born in Ohio or Indiana, and later died at the age of 95. He had been a composer in the Civil War. It is said that he wrote the music to the “Marine Corps Hymn”.

[See the diary of Virgie, donated by her grandchildren to this site.]

Generation No. 1
1. VIRGINIA D. JONES ( HARLAN)2 JONES* (CHARLES A.1 JONES) was born July 03, 1866 in Marion, Grant Co. Ind., and died November 17, 1949 in San Franisco, Calf.. She married GEORGE DELBERT BARR June 14, 1885 in Gaylord, Kansas. He was born September 06, 1861 in Portand, Mich, and died December 23, 1936 in North Kansas City, Missouri.

Children of VIRGINIA JONES* and GEORGE BARR are:
         i.      CLYDE LEROY3 BARR, b. March 24, 1886.
         ii.     VERON DELBERT BARR, b. September 25, 1887.
         iii.    LULUFAYE BARR, b. August 20, 1889.
         iv.     VERA HELEN BARR, b. June 06, 1892.

Clarence Bryant Harlan was born on June 10, 1849 in Huntington, Indiana. He married an Eva Amanda Stevens, on Dec. 9,1877, Harlan, Kansas. He died on July 14,1938, Smith Center, Kansas and buried there.

Eva Amanda (Stevens) Harlan was born Nov.4,1855, in Binghamton, New York, she died May 30, 1945 at Smith Center, Smith Kansas, and buried there. Her father was John M. Stevens, born 11-27-1827, and died 8-31-1895, her mother was < b>Jane Shepard. She was from New Jersey born 6-27-1826, died 8-18-1913

Clarence and Eva's children were:

Gertrude Mae Harlan-------------------------------------Born Nov.13,1878
       She was born in Smith, Kansas. 
       Married Wm. Luther Zimmerman on Sept.20,1903.
       He was born 2-8-1876 and died Dec.6,1959.
John Ralph Harlan-----------------------------------------Born 1880
       Born in  Harlan, Smith Co. Kansas. He married Myrtle Breon on 1906.
Milton Eugene Harlan------------------------------------Born Mar.27,1883
       He was born Harlan, smith co. Kansas. 
       He married a Gracie Frazier
       She died on Mar. 20, 1967.
Charlotte Harlan-----------------------------------------Born Mar.27, 1883
       She was born in Harlan, Smith Co. Kansas. 
       She married a Samuel Wagner. 
       She died Mar. 20,1967. 
       Samuel was born Aug.13,1880 and died Oct.13,1961.
Leone Virginia Harlan---------------------------------Born Apr. 25,1886
       She was born in Harlan, Smith Co. Kansas. 
       She married John Barnes on Apr. 25, 1915.
       He was from Rochester, Minn.
       Leone died May 28, 1937
Grace Esther Harlan----------------------------------Born-Aug. 13,1884
       She was born in Harlan, Smith Co. Kansas.
       She married Emmet Womer on  Oct. 29,1868.
Harrison Harlan---------------------------------------- Born Aug. 7,1892
       He was born in Harlan, Smith Co. Kansas
       He married Pauline Drue MacCathrine on Dec. 12,1917.

Marcus Eugene Harlan was born on July 17,1851, in Warren Co. Ohio. He was Married to an Anna B. Meadows on Oct. 10,1878, at Smith Center , Kansas. Anna was born Jan.17,1858, in Illinois, a daughter of John and Jane R. (Scott) Meadows. Marcus died on May 7, 1915.

Their children were:
Harold Harlan
Hilda Jean Harlan
Daisy Harlan----

Mary E. Harlan was born Aug.9,1854, Wayne Co. Ind.. She married a Daniel E. Kelly (Framer) at Harlan Smith, Co.Kansas. Daniel was born in Rhode Island. He was born Feb.1845.

Their Children were:
i.      Charles R. Kelly  B. 12-16-1875   D.Nov.16,1939
ii.     Mervin Kelly      B.  7-31-1876   D.?
iii.    Frank Kelly       B. 12-28-1877   D.?
iv.     Harvey Kelley     B.  1-15-1883   D.?

Daniel E. Kelly was the composer of "Home on the Range". He wrote the music in 1873, the family stories goes that the young "Virgie" (Virginia) helped with the words. She was inspired by a poem that Brewster Higly had written in 1871. Higly had built a log cabin along a Beaver Creek and it inspired,by the beauty of Kansas prairie, he wrote a poem titled “Western Home”. Kelly played a violin in a local Band called the “Harlan Brother Orchestra”. Kelley was a Carpenter by trade. Marcus and Clarence were in the Band. (Virginia kept the guitar that Clarence had helped composed the song "Home on the Range", and had it converted it in later years to a trinket box because it had been distorted by rain. The edges were finished in ivory and a wreath of inlay with “Mother of Peril” “ Circled on the front of sound board.) The song “Home on Range” gained further fame in 1933, when several newspaper’s reported that “President Franklin D. Roosevelt”, declared it to be his favorite song.

Virginia D. (Jones) Harlan married George Delbert Barr on June 14,1885 in Gaylord, Kansas. George was born Sept. 6,1861 in Portland, Mich. I found them in Jackson Co. Missouri in 1920. They must have moved to North Kansas City, Mo. After that they had a Grocey Store there. He died on Dec.23,1936 there; Virgie died on Nov.17,1949 in San Franisco, Calf. at the age of 84.

Their children were:
Clyde Le Roy Barr (B.3-24-1886D3-11-1970 in Fayetteville, Ar.)
        He married a Vera June Hall on Sept.28,1929 in Kansas City, Mo.
        Their children were:
         i-    Beverly Clymer Barr- (B. 1-11-1931   D?)
         ii-   Vera June Barr-      (B 5/5/1933   D?)
         iii-  William Randolfh Barr (B 5/7/1935   D?)

Vernon Delbert Barr- (B.Aug.25,1887 in Gaylord Ks.  D. Mar.24,1977 in Florida )
   He married a Nellie Blanch Carson on Dec.28,1908
   Their children were:
    i- Harold Delbert Barr (B.May6,1910   D.12-7-1972) 
        He married a Emma Mae Sanders-
        Also Betty Stevenson
        Harold and Emma were my parents.
   ii- Mildred Lorreine Barr  (B.12-4-1916   D-)
     She married a George Joseph Brand on 12-29-1933

Kenny Hugh Barr   (B.  Aug. 15, 1922    D-)
       Married Dorothy Bruce
       Also La Verta Barrett

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