Jo Ann Magnison Stolp

       On September 20, 1926, the youngest living daughter, Jo Ann, of Babe and
     Lena Magnison was born at the Luallen home on East Kansas Avenue in Medicine
     Lodge, Kansas. Practicaly all of her life until graduation from high school
     was spent on the farm in the Union Chapel Community southwest of Medicine
     Lodge. She attended grade school at Blue Ribbon School and Dry Creek
     School; the four years of high school were in Medicine Lodge. Prior to
     graduation and for a few years after graduation, she worked at the Wadsworth
     Abstract Company. It was at this time that she met the man, who was later
     to be her husband, when Russell Stolp and his parents came on a business
     trip from their home in Wichita, and stopped to talk with Mr. Wadsworth
     about the possibility of locating in Medicine lodge. It was not long until
     the Stolps moved to Medicine Lodge to make their home.
       Jo Ann and Russell Stolp were married on September 20, 1947, at the Christian
     Church in Medicine lodge. Except for a short time spent living in Pratt,
     the Russell Stolp family lived in Medicine Lodge until 1951. Their two sons,
     John Michael and Roger Lee, were born in 1949 and 1951.
       It is interesting to observe and recall that Russell's grandfather's
     brother had settled what is now the Axline Ranch. A subdivision in Medicine
     Lodge and a street were named after this relative.
       The Russell Stolp family moved to a farm in Cowley County, Kansas, near
     the town of Atlanta in 1951. They resided there until 1954. It was during
     this period of time that they began attending the Mr. Vernon Community Church.
     The preaching of God's Word touched Russell's heart, and he had a desire to
     go into full time service but did not yield to the call until five years
     later. The construction business took the family to Toronto, Kansas, where
     they spent another year before moving to Greenville, South Carolina, in
     January of 1958.
       Russell attended Bob Jones University, which is listed as the World's Most
     Unusual University. He graduated in 1962 and traveled as an evangelist for
     two years. He has pastored Boulevard Baptist Church for the past thirteen
     years. With much emphasis on prayer, hard work, and soul winning, the
     membership has increased from 56 to nearly 500. The church has established
     a mission church; a 212 acre youth camp has been developed; as well as the
     establishment of the Boulevard Christina School with Kindergarten through
     grade twelve. Ministries of the church include a bus ministry, children's
     churches, a visitation program, jail services, street preaching, a deaf
     ministry, a preacher training program, the church's own mission board, and
     an increase from nine missionaries to twenty-six.
       The Stolps' sons attended Bob Jones Academy from grade seven through the
     University. Both graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting.
     Mike is Controller for Multimedia, Inc., and a Certified Public Accountant. 
     Roger is Business Manager for Boulevard BVaptist and is attending night 
     school at Tabernacle Baptist Institute.
       Russell and Jo Ann are the proud grandparents of Christopher Owen and
     James Cameron Stolp.
     Source:Chosen Land - Barber County, Kansas, pg. 440 
     Submitted by: Jo Ann Stolp  

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