Hugh and Noble Wible

       In 1874, Samuel and Sarah Catherine (Coulter) Wible moved to Hutchinson
     from Salem, Indiana. Samuel, a Union soldier, was wounded in the Civil War.
     He hoped to regain robust health, this prompted their move to Kansas.
       Samuel and Sarah had two sons, Hugh McKinnley, born July 21, 1876, and
     Samuel Noble born October 12, 1879. Their father Samuel died in 1880, so
     Mrs. Wible moved to Hazelton, Kansas with her two sons, to establishe a
     home near her sister, Mollie (Charles George). Sarah was a fine seamstress,
     tailoring men's suits and overcoats for a livelihood until she married
     William George who farmed north of Hazelton. He was a widower with a young
       Now the Wible brothers had a step-brother, and in a few years, they
     gained four half-brothers and sisters. They were Annie, Essie, Jake and
     Bill George, also a foster sister, Ida Swain.
       This family of children all attended Maple Grove School, a dut out.
     Reading from McGuffey's and learning to figure, write and spell was more
     important than comfort.
       Hugh and "Nobe" had a scant four years of schooling, when their education
     was cut short by the death of their step-father. Then the two elder boys 
     assumed the responsibilites of adulthood, farming for their mother until
     she passed away in 1899.
       All the members of the "Three in One" family worked together and maintained
     their home. It was the age of "sweat of your brow" and "live off the land."
     Food of that era was beef jerky, prairie chicken, sour dough, hominy, cold
     clabber milk, sand plums and the luxury of ripe peaches from Sharon Orchards.
     When Hugh was 17 years old nad Nobe was 14, they purchased a horse power
     thresing machine and corn sheller to do custom work for neighbors. This
     successful enterprise led them to purchase a steam threshing outfit.
       Nobe, the engineer 0 Hugh the separator man, threshed wheat in Hardtner,
     Kiowa, Hazelton and Sharon Communitites. Hugh threshed for 40 consecutive
       June 1, 1904 Hugh married Augusta Reynolds from neighborning Cedar Hills
     Ranch. They had a livestock and grain farm adjoining Hazelton. They were
     active in Eastern Star and the Masonic Order. Augusta worked for Women's
     Sufferage and WCTU and Hazelton Library. Their children are: Bertram Kelvin,
     Caldwell, Kansas, Maxwell, deceased; Frances Horton, Wellington, Kansas and
     Jean McCoy, Argonia, Kansas.
       In 1917 the family moved to a farm on the Chikaskia River north of Caldwell.
     Their registered Shorthorn cattle were in demand for breeding stock.
       Samuel Noble married Ella Cox, Hazelton. They moved to Wichita, established
     the Wible Ice Co. and the first ice skating rink in the city.
       Their daughters are Noella Riveron, residing in Miami, Florida, and Pearl
     Rayle, Sun City, Arizona.
       The descendants of these two brothers cannot help but take great pride
     in the success of these men, who met all adversities and "made it on their
     Source:Chosen Land - Barber County, Kansas, pg. 486  

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