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Kansas ORSH List -- Atchison County

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SCHOOL NAME (district)  Townand/orTownship Co OYEAR CYEAR TEACHER NAME

Arrington (30)          Arrington          AT             Mary G. McLenon
Bitter Sweet (68)                          AT             Helen Moore
Brush Creek (23)                           AT             Virginia Peabody
Cain (56)               Effingham          AT ????  ????  Elizabeth Thomas
Camp Creek (28)                            AT             Elsie Schwope
Center (52)                                AT             Loretta Spaight
Clear Creek (41)                           AT             Gertrude Kammer
Clingan (38)            near Nortonville   AT             Mrs. Ruth Butler
Coal Creek (31)                            AT             Mildred Snyder 
Cummings (55)                              AT             Mary A. McLenon
Deer Creek (7)                             AT             E. Pearl Armstrong
Bell (59)               *                  AT             Bertha Buttron
Bellevue (66)                              AT             Mrs. Gladys M. Winzer
Branchton (65)                             AT             Carrie Patton
Eden (13)                                  AT             Rose M. Eckart
Effingham (32)          Effingham          AT             Ernest E. Edmonds
Fairground (4)                             AT             Mary Weisdorfer
Fairview (47)                              AT             Marie Dodson
Farmington (26)                            AT             Mrs. Geneva Snyder
Float (27)                                 AT             Dorothy Thomas
Forest Grove (21)       *                  AT             Florence Landrum
Forty-Two (42)                             AT             Bertha M. Henderson
Good Intent (12)                           AT             Florence Dooley
Harmony Garden (69)                        AT             Emma Wohlgemuth
Hawthorne (40)                             AT             Fannie McAdam
HickoryGrove,SugarBowl  4m.W.ofNortonville AT 1914  1943  Edith Bauer
High Prairie (3)                           AT             Gwendolyn Tinklin
Hopewell (51)                              AT             Mrs. Wilda Behler
Huron (44)              Huron              AT             Edna Gigstad
Independence Valley                        AT             Ralph Pfouts
Irish Point (67)                           AT             Louesa Anderson
Kennekuk (58)                              AT             Bernice Claunch
Lancaster (10)          Lancaster          AT             Ruth Barber
Lane (35)                                  AT             Mrs. Gladys Sowles
Larkinburg (J 6)        Larkinburg         AT             Barbara Mummert
Locust Grove (19)                          AT             Mary E. Cline
Madison (72)                               AT             Lola Cooper
Muscotah (43)           Muscotah           AT             George R. Ward
No. Sixty (60)                             AT             Orlena Cook
No. Twenty (20)                            AT             Mrs. Izma Fitts
Noffsinger (11)                            AT             Addie Bagby
Maple Grove (37)                           AT             Wilma Steward
Monrovia (15)           Monrovia           AT             Marie Glenn 
Mount Pleasant (18)                        AT             Rachel Cullinan
New Malden (45)                            AT             Jeanette Munger
Oak Mills (34)          Oak Mills          AT             Georgia Binkley
Old Huron (24)                             AT             Bernice Reece
Pardee (8)                                 AT             Ellen Stacey
Pleasant Grove (11)                        AT             Vera Snyder
Pleasant Ridge (46)                        AT             Nellie Armstrong
Pleasant Ridge (62)                        AT             Freda Wallack
Pleasant Vale (39)      *                  AT             Glenn Sloop
Pleasant Valley (2)                        AT             Lois Shaffer
Potter (U-1)                               AT             Ardyth Strine
Prairie View (54)                          AT             Pauline Shoebrook
Prospect Hill (57)                         AT             Norma Brown
Rocky Point (70)                           AT             Inez Hamon
Rose Hill (50)          *                  AT             Mabel Weaver
Rose Valley (49)                           AT             Olive Foster
Sacks (33)                                 AT             Mrs. Nina Adams
Seventy-Four (74)                          AT             Jennie Lynn Meador
Seymour (16)                               AT             Anna Glancy
Shannon (48)                               AT             Frieda Kloepper
Shannon Hill (25)       *                  AT             Mabel Poos
South Creek (29)                           AT             Cora Congrove
St. Nicholas (17)                          AT             Emma Higley
St. Patrick's (14)                         AT             Sr. McRwina
St. Patrick's (U-2)                        AT             Sister Maurus
Star (63)                                  AT             Harriett Aikins
Star (73)               NE of Nortonville  AT       1955  Ethel Crosswhite
Stony Point (22)                           AT             Corinne Handke
Sumner (9)                                 AT             Matilda Graner
Sunny Hill (53)                            AT             Florence Madden
Sunny Side (71)                            AT             Cora J. Schabeck
Terry (5)               *                  AT             Catherine Slattery
Union Three (U-3)                          AT             Althea Flynn
Washington (36)                            AT             Naomi Bilderback
Weinmann (61)                              AT             Ruth Binkley
White Clay (6)                             AT             Katherine Ward

July 28, 2006

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