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Kansas ORSH List -- Barber County

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Isabel School - District 2 (not sure of this as there are conflicting stories, will verify)

Mound Center - District 8 First class held was from November 1885 to February 1886 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Jordan. School house was built in 1886. Remodeled in 1928 and again in 1930.

Fairview - District 13 Started April 28, 1883. In 1887, a frame school house 29'3" and 22'5" was built. In 1922 the school house was remodeled, the outside stuccoed and a porch and cloak room was built on the front.

Rook School - District 14 May 24, 1879, District 14 was organized. In a rock school house was built in 1884 and school started in 1885.

Kling School - District 15 The first school was made of logs . The last class held in this building was in 1883 when this structure was abandoned. In 1883 a new school was built and used until the early 1900's, at that time the school was called Elm Grove. In 1909 the school was moved closer to to the gypsum quarry and a new school house built at a cost of $1460, the school was again named Kling School.

Doles School - District 16 In the year 1874, on Cedar Creek about five miles and one-half miles west of Medicine Lodge was one of the first schools in the county. A man by the name of T.A. Lindley built the first schoolhouse with himself as teacher when he was not herding sheep. In 1878 a new school house was built on the William Doles land and was named Doles School. A new building was completed in December 1878. It was built of cedar logs, with only one door. The logs had been cut down near Cedar Creek. Light was provided by leaving one log out on the north side and the space filled with window glass. The equipment of the room was meager. Long boards were hinged to the log walls so they could be lowered for desks while the logs fell into place. Seats were made of planks with the logs pegged in. Later a frame house was built and later still a brick building. In 1890, the term was changed from a four month term to a six month term; later in 1909, to a seven month term and finally in 1916, to an eight months term.

Pleasant Hill - District 17. Pleasant Hill was organized in May 1879. The first school was a dugout which had one window. Later a frame building was constructed. In July 1884, this building was made into a barn on the school lot and a new frame building was built.

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