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This is all the information that I came across, to date, on the Lincoln County Schools.   Thanks for putting the info on the WEB for others to access.



            As families began arriving in Lincoln County, one of their first concerns was for the education of their children.  The people in general were from intellectual backgrounds and felt the need to provide a formal education for their youth. Education was to be a predominant factor in the development of the new land.

            The first school in the county was taught by Mrs. Thomas E. Skinner in a little dugout on the Saline River from December, 1866, to April, 1867. Her pupils were her       three sons, Bing, Everton, an Alfred, and also Eli and Frank Ziegler.

            Other teachers included Marion Ivy, who taught a subscription school in Martin Hendrickson’s home in 1868, and David G. Bacon, who started a school in 1869 in a dugout near the same place.  The first public school was taught by Mrs. Thomas Skinner at Monroe in 1870.

As early as the summer of 1871, the Saline County Journal mentioned Mr. H.E. Warner, who was teaching “a very good and interesting school” located just two miles west of Lincoln.  A baseball club had been organized, called the Prairie Rovers, and they planned to challenge the Salina club at the Saline County Fair.

            In the summer of 1872, Mrs. Anna C. Wait, wife of Lincoln attorney Captain W. S. Wait, taught the first school in Lincoln in her residence just south of the present location of the grade school.  The building was serving as the Wait’s home and Captain Wait’s Law Office and only measured 10x22 or 14x28, small to say the least.   Forty three students attended in this small space.   The later became a shoe shop of E. P. Loso’s.

            In the fall the stone school house was built in Lincoln, and Mrs. Wait taught there and in a variety of schools throughout the county for a number of years.   Mrs. Wait was very influential on examining boards, at teacher’s meetings and at institutes.

            Captain and Mrs. Wait organized the first Normal Institute in Lincoln in 1877.

Qualifying for state aid required paid enrollment of 50, but there were only 23 teachers in Lincoln County, so the businessmen of Lincoln enrolled and the required number was met and the county received the entitled state monies.

            Mrs. Wait was called the “Dean of Education” in Lincoln County. When she died in 1916, the bell at Central Grade School tolled 79 times, one for each year of her life.

            Many families directly effected the development of education with multiple members in a families becoming teachers.   Mrs. Skinner, one of the earliest teachers, taught Bing, Fred, Norah, and Calvin who all became teachers. 

            Seven of Congressman Baker’s children---Florence, Ella, Ina, Lena, Meta, Edgar, and Eli----became teachers. He taught one term at Sunnyside.

            John Lyden was appointed as the first County Superintendent.

            The greatest period of growth was during the 1870’s when 93 school districts were organized.  Most early students were taught in dugouts or on vacant claim shanties.  There were no desks, chairs, or blackboards. The seats were made of large wood blocks. Large sheets of brown manila paper were used for blackboards and lesson material to supplement for textbooks which were in short supply.

            In District 21 Laura Peate taught school in Rod Wilmarth’s kitchen, and in District 56 the first school was taught in Fouts’ cellar.  Mrs. B.H. Ellsworth taught District 22 in a basement with an earth floor and two small windows. District 34 started a school in a shanty with four bear walls and earth floor and roof.   Mrs. William Nash, who taught the school, provided the supplies.  She had a board painted with lamp-black and some bits of chalk and four or five books. She and her pupils gathered cornstalks and weeds which were burned in a cast-away stove for warmth.


School District No.           School Name/Names          Township       Dates


1.                                             Beverly                        Colorado


2.                                            Monroe                                    Colorado


3.                                             Rocky Hill                  Elkhorn


4.                                             Fairview                      Colorado        1893-1912


5.                                             Pleasant Valley            Indiana


6.                                             Lincoln                        Beaver


7.                                             Cottonwood               Battle  Creek             


8.                                             Donley                         Franklin


9                                              Elkhorn                      Salt Creek


10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


11.                                           Spring Valley              Valley


12.                                           Denmark                     Grant (1893-1917) U-3


13.                                           Old  Vesper                 Vesper (1893-1914)


14.                                           Twin Grove              Pleasant


15.                                           Bashan                        Elkhorn


16.                                           Ash Grove             Orange


17.                                           Cedron                        Cedron


18.                                           Mt. Pleasant                      Franklin


19.                                           Potersburg                 Grant


20.                                           North Ireland             Indiana (1893-1917) U-2


21                                            Beaver                         Beaver


22.                                           Malone                        Marion


23                                            Mount Pleasant(Biggs)            Pleasant


24                                            Star                             Scott


25                                            Prarie Grove              Battle Creek


26                                            Pinon                           Scott


27                                            South Ireland             Indiana (1893-1914)


28                                            Sylvan Grove              Pleasant


29                                            Dew Drop                Marion


30                                            Sunrise                        Madison


31                                            Mount Pleasant            Cedron


32                                            Orange                        Orange


33                                            Twelve Mile (Shady Bend) Colorado


34                                            Bismark (Later U-4)            Battle Creek


35                                            Rocky Point (also #83)     Scott


36                                            Green Valley              Cedron


37                                            Union Valley              Golden Belt


38                                            Oak Creek              Vesper


39                                            Freedom                     Madison


40                                            Trail Creek              Orange


41                                            Shiloh                          Cedron


42                                            Paris                            Battle Creek


43                                            Margaret (check #62 District)            Golden Belt


44                                            Gorge                          Pleasant


45                                            Sunnyside                   Beaver


46                                            Beulah (Olivette)            Beaver


47                                            Twin Mound             Franklin


48                                            Madison                      Madison


49                                            Old Vesper             Vesper(1891-1914)




51                                            Labar (Owl Creek)            Colorado


52                                            Allamead                    Orange


53                                            Keystone                    Madison


54                                            Elm Creek              Cedron


55                                            Fairview                     Hanover


56                                            Rosette                                    Hanover


57                                            Ingalls                         Cedron


58                                            Surprise                      Marion


59                                            Star (near Beverly)  Logan (1893-1921)


60                                            Long Grove U-4            Orange (1893-1920)


61                                            Upper Twelve Mile            Logan


62                                            Blue                             Highland


63                                            Pleasant Valley           Indiana (1893-1912)


64                                            Pleasant Hill (near Beverly)            Logan


65                                            Dry Creek              Scott


66                                            Golden Belt                  Golden Belt


67                                            Milo (also#10)                     Salt Creek


68                                            Garfield                      Marion


69                                            Pleasant Dale                        Elkhorn


70                                            Orbitello                     Highland


71                                            Liberty                         Valley


72                                            King                            Salt Creek


73                                            Table Rock                Colorado


74                                            Lone Star                 Franklin


75                                            Willow Glen                Grant


76                                            Logan Center             Logan


77                                            Highland                    Highland


78                                            Elkvale                                  Valley


79                                            Lone Rock                Vesper


80                                            Pugh                            Golden Valley


81                                            North Denmark            Grant (1894-1917)


82                                            Climax                                    Hanover




84                                            Barnard                      Scott


85                                            Amsterdam                 Vesper


86                                            West Point               Hanover


87                                            Red Rock                Elkhorn


88                                            Westfall                       Madison




This next information was at the bottom of the page and is open for your interpretation:


End of #6-Lost Creek and Younger

Parochial Bethlehem Lutheran School  a stone building located in Sylvan Grove, stands today, November 2001.  

U-1,U-2, U-3, U-4

1 L & E Yordy  (1896-1932)


l L &E 34d Creek (1893-1932)


1 L & O Spring Creek (1893-1982)


2 L & O Fairview (1893-1942)


3 L & O  Rocky Hill County Line (1893-1927)

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