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The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Bob Mills (rmills@millstec.com) for contributing this information on Marshall County Schools.

Attached is the list of Marshall County School Districts. I will send a Marshall county map (1886 about) by quadrants (in next mails) to help locate original locations of the schools. I have copies of these maps for almost all counties. I tried to reduce the quality to save space, but then you can't read the SD#'s. If it would help for me to send a CD, let me know and I'll send via snail mail. I am on DSL and can send via the net, just not all at once. Bob Mills

Marshall County Map (1886)

Marshall_NW quadrant Marshall_NE quadrant
Marshall_SW quadrant Marshall_SE quadrant

District School

1 Barrett

2 Irving

3 Blue Rapids

4 Marysville

5 Osborne

6 Gallup

7 Antioch

8 Elm Creek

9 Blue River

10 Life

11 Fairview

12 Vermillion

13 Beaty

14 Brophy

14 Irish Creek

15 Merrimac

16 Walker

17 Waterville

18 La Grange

19 O'Neil

20 Oketo

21 Hermansburg

21 Clements

22 Lillis

22 Healey

23 New Salem

24 Holloway

24 Horseshoe

25 McDonald

26 Snodgrass

27 Fairview

28 Flint Hill

29 Beattie

30 Garrison

31 Cottage Hill

32 Valley View

33 Campbell

34 Auld

35 Frankfort

36 Blue Valley

37 Game Fork

38 Coaley

38 Pleasant Valley

District School

39 Sunflower

39 Whiteway

39 Smith

39 Root

40 Reedsville

41 Snipe Creek

42 Home City

43 Grimes

44 Excelsior

44 Harbaugh

45 Allison

46 Carden

47 Pleasant Hill

48 Keefover

49 Mt. Pleasant

49 Pleasant Valley

50 Little Timber

51 Lincoln

52 Johnson

52 St. Bridget

53 Plunkett

54 Stillwater

55 Prairie Ridge

56 Axtell

57 Elliott

58 Deer Creek

59 Pleasant Ridge

60 Bremen

61 McLeod

62 Dow

62 Prairie Gem

63 Herkimer

64 Fawn Creek

65 Reserville

66 Brown

67 Blanchville

68 Pecenka

69 Eighteen

70 Farrar

71 Bluhm

72 Scriber

73 Bain

74 Anderson

District School

75 Seventy-five

76 Seventy-six

77 Prospect Hill

77 "Poverty Knob"

78 Grande View

79 Vliets

80 Brown

81 Summit

81 Frost

82 Pretty Prairie

83 Cunningham

84 Koch

85 Victory

86 Star

87 Larkin

88 Winfred

88 Healey

89 Fairview

90 Woodbine

91 Pleasant Prairie

92 Keystone

93 Mt. Hope

94 Hopewell

95 Thomas

96 Green Valley

97 Wilson

98 Reust

99 Harmony

100 Pleasant View

101 Flagg

102 Victory

103 Patterson

104 Hardman

104 Hartman

105 Brooks

106 Burnside

107 Sunflower

107 Orr

108 Balderson

109 Fairmont

District School

110 Prairie View

111 Brush College

112 Thomas

113 Barklow

114 Sunrise

114 Bentley

115 Bigelow

116 Perll

117 West Point

118 Stony Point

119 Lily Creek

120 Liberty

121 Pauley

122 Midhill

122 Brammer

122 Kenyon

123 Bommer

124 Prairie Center

125 Pleasant Hill

126 Pleasant Ridge

127 Crane

128 Schroyer

129 Fairfield

130 Midway

131 Mount Hope

131 Sunny Hope

132 Duntz

132 Sunnyside

133 Triumph

134 Lamb

135 Riggert

136 Hatten

137 Summerfield

138 O'Brien

139 Enterprise

140 Mina

141 Scully

141 Red Top

142 Cedar Ridge

142 Blair

School Township District
Allison Wells 45
Anderson Richland 74
Antioch Wells 7
Auld Vermillion 34
Axtell Murray 56
Bain Center 73
Balderson Balderson 108
Barklow Richland 113
Barrett Vermillion 1
Beattie Guittard 29
Beaty Lincoln 13
Bentley Oketto 114
Bigelow Bigelow 115
Blair Elm Creek 142
Blanchville Walnut 67
Blue Rapids Blue Rapids City 3
Blue River Elm Creek 9
Blue Valley Oketto 36
Bluhm Herkimer 71
Bommer Oketto 123
Brammer Waterville 122
Bremen Logan 60
Brooks Franklin 105
Brophy Cleveland 14
Brown Clear Fork 66
Brown Cleveland 80
Brush College St. Bridget 111
Burnside Center 106
Campbell Clear Fork 33
Carden Franklin 46
Cedar Ridge Elm Creek 142
Clements Herkimer 21
Coaley Blue Rapids 38
Cottage Hill Cottage Hill 31
Crane Franklin 127
Cunningham Logan 83
School Township District
Deer Creek Marysville 58
Dow Logan 62
Duntz Balderson 132
Eighteen Oketo 69
Elliott Franklin 57
Elm Creek Elm Creek 8
Enterprise Noble 139
Excelsior Cottage Hill 44
Fairfield Walnut 129
Fairmont Wells 109
Fairview Rock 11
Fairview Blue Rapids City 27
Fairview Murray 89
Farrar Lincoln 70
Fawn Creek Waterville 64
Flagg Vermillion 101
Flint Hill Waterville 28
Frankfort Vermillion 35
Frost Murray 81
Gallup Blue Rapids City 6
Game Fork Blue Rapids 37
Garrison Balderson 30
Grande View Murray 78
Green Valley Herkimer 96
Grimes Center 43
Harbaugh Cottage Hill 44
Hardman Franklin 104
Harmony Murray 99
Hartman Franklin 104
Hatten Richland 136
Healey Cleveland 22
Healey Cleveland 88
Herkimer Logan 63
Hermansburg Herkimer 21
Holloway Herkimer 24
Home City Franklin 42
Hopewell Rock 94
Horseshoe Herkimer 24
Irish Creek Cleveland 14
Irving Blue Rapids 2
Johnson Lincoln 52
Keefover Waterville 48
Kenyon Waterville 122
Keystone Cottage Hill 92
Koch Richland 84
La Grange Clear Fork 18
Lamb Noble 134
Larkin Richland 87
Liberty Waterville 120
Life Guittard 10
Lillis Cleveland 22
Lily Creek Marysville 119
Lincoln Lincoln 51
Little Timber Rock 50
Marysville Marysville 4
McDonald Marysville 25
McLeod Marysville 61
Merrimac Bigelow 15
Midhill Waterville 122
Midway Franklin 130
Mina St. Bridget 140
Mount Hope Lincoln 131
Mt. Hope Walnut 93
Mt. Pleasant Waterville 49
New Salem St. Bridget 23
O'Brien Guittard 138
O'Neil Vermillion 19
Oketo Oketo 20
Orr Guittard 107
Osborne Vermillion 5
Patterson Blue Rapids City 103
Pauley Guittard 121
Pecenka 68
Perll Clear Fork 116
Pleasant Hill Cottage Hill 47
Pleasant Hill Rock 125
Pleasant Prairie Elm Creek 91
Pleasant Ridge Marysville 59
Pleasant Ridge Cleveland 126
Pleasant Valley Walnut 38
Pleasant Valley Wells 49
Pleasant View Lincoln 100
Plunkett St. Bridget 53
"Poverty Knob" Blue Rapids 77
Prairie Center Guittard 124
Prairie Gem Logan 62
Prairie Ridge Blue Rapids 55
Prairie View Center 110
Pretty Prairie Franklin 82
Prospect Hill Blue Rapids 77
Red Top Balderson 141
Reedsville Center 40
Reserville Bigelow 65
Reust Noble 98
Riggert Herkimer 135
Root Balderson 39
Schroyer Elm Creek 128
Scriber Wells 72
Scully Balderson 141
Seventy-five Noble 75
Seventy-six Bigelow 76
Smith Balderson 39
Snipe Creek Rock 41
Snodgrass Vermillion 26
St. Bridget St. Bridget 52
Star Waterville 86
Stillwater Elm Creek 54
Stony Point Balderson 118
Summerfield St. Bridget 137
Summit Murray 81
Sunflower Balderson 39
Sunflower Guittard 107
Sunny Hope Lincoln 131
Sunnyside Balderson 132
Sunrise Oketo 114
Thomas Center 95
Thomas Guittard 112
Triumph St. Bridget 133
Valley View Wells 32
Vermillion Noble 12
Victory Lincoln 85
Victory Vermillion 102
Vliets Noble 79
Walker Rock 16
Waterville Waterville 17
West Point Murray 117
Whiteway Balderson 39
Wilson Blue Rapids 97
Winfred Center 88
Woodbine Richland 90

Photo Captions

Reves School 1920-21 is located in the North East corner of Rock Creek Township (Section 1, Township 7, Range 9) in Pottawatomie County, KS. The teacher (my aunt) on the right side, is Edna Veda Mills-Plummer. She was born February 14, 1898 and since she was about 17 years old, this photo was taken about 1915. One of her sons (Bernard Leslie Plummer) and two of her grandchildren (Ted Plummer and Gwen Ann Plummer-Harris) still live in the area.

Barrett_SD1_a - I don't know the date of the photo, but the teacher, at the right, is Mettie Riser (Elliott).

Barrett_SD1_b - class photo was taken about 1886. My great uncle Joel Ebenezer Mills is standing in the front row as indicated by the X. The photo is taken in front of a wood frame building, which may be the front of the photographer's office. The original wood framed Barrett School building was replaced by a stone building in 1871.

Barrett_SD1_c - class photo was taken about 1921. The little smiling girl with the ribbon in her hair near the center of the back row is a dear cousin (Marjorie Anna Mills-Larson) who grew up to teach in this and other Kansas schools. Her teaching career began when she was about 17 until she quit teaching "Except in 1951 when I was paid more for taking the national census than to teach."

Front Row -Harold Mills, Wray Mills, John Hidy, Carroll Mills, Bob Jones, Robert Jones, Owen Jones, Paul Jones. Second Row - LaVersa (Versie) Jones, Arlene Hidy, Nellie Hidy (later Fairchild), Geneva Johnson, Elnora Lockas, Dorothy Jones, Marian Jones, Anna Hodges, Mary Louise Jones, Bessie Hidy. Back Row -Viola Lockas, Lenora George (later married Dean Potter)--teacher, Emma Hodges, Marie Locas, Marjorie Mills, Ed Parmentier, Issac Hidy, Bill Parmentier.

Barrett_SD1_d - is a current photo of the Barrett School located in Marshall county, KS just south of the old town of Barrett. This photo was taken from the main road that ran through the town. The original wood frame school building was built nearer the Black Vermillion river in 1858 and first used in 1859. This limestone block building was built in 1971 as one room and the second room was added on later.

The town was originally called Barrett's Mill and was formed around the (wood) sawmill owned by A. G. Barrett. The town (and the school) is located south of Frankfort, KS. The town was disband in about 1959 as part of the Tuttle Creek reservoir, since it was located in the lakes flood plane.

Before railroads and modern highways, the Oregon, California, and Mormon trials passed through the area of Barrett, KS. Before highways were named with numbers and letters, the "White Way" through Frankfort and Barrett, was marked with white paint on trees, rocks, fences, etc. to indicate the correct road leading west. An automobile dealer in Frankfort is still named "Whiteway Chevrolet."

Barrett_SD1_e - The room to the right (north) included a small raised stage ('bout a foot) on the north side of the room. A curtain is across the front of the stage (shown in photo Barrett_SD1_f) and the room was used as an auditorium as well as a class room.

Barrett_SD1_f - The curtain (still in place) has an ad for the "J. E. Mills Store." That store, which was located on the north west corner of block 18 of Barrett, KS, was begun by my great grandfather (Ebenezer Mills) who came to Marshall county, KS in 1856, later owned by my uncle (Joel E. Mills).

Barrett_SD1_g - Road to the Barrett School. The school is on the National Register of Historic Places, but is constantly in need of repair (as are most other old Kansas Schools). The School is owned by the Jones family.

Barrett_SD1_h - Photo of the class room through the old glass window. Reflection of the grass and streaks might make this photo a little artsy for some, but I liked it.

Photos of Ebenezer Mills and Caroline Barkes-Mills taken about 1862-63. The couple came to Kansas from eastern (Belmont) Ohio as part of the "Freestate Kansas" program. Ebenezer enlisted in the Union army in 1861 and fought at Cane Hill and Prairie Grove, Arkansas. They are buried in the Barrett, KS cemetery. Photo is property of Don Mills a grandson.

Harmony- In Murray township, School District No. 99. This photo is in the Marshall county Historical Museum in Marysville, Marshall county, KS.

Cunningham School - In Logan township, School District No. 83. This photo is in the Marshall county Historical Museum in Marysville, Marshall county, KS.

Antioch School - In Wells township, School District No. 7. This photo is in the Marshall county Historical Museum in Marysville, Marshall county, KS.

Auld School- Was located in Vermillion township, School District No. 34. The building is no longer standing, but this photo is in the Marshall county Historical Museum in Marysville, Marshall county, KS.

Interesting notes from the scrap book of Caroline Barkes-Alderman (called Carrie) who lived with her aunt Caroline Barkes-Mills and attended school at the Barrett School. She was born in 1879.

"Barrett School Teacher was a Miss Anna Calanan in 1887. I am trying to get copies of these photos.

Photo - Curries 1st School Teacher Miss Anna Calanan.

Carrie Had bronichal trouble every winter that I never got to go to school till I was 8 yrs old so I was ancious and delighted to think I was getting to go to school. I was not long mastering first reader and all that went with it.

But we had a Catholic for a teacher she had taught 2 terms at this district befor this but concealed the fact that she was Catholic till this term. She refused to use our Protestant song book which they were use to using in the school so she sent away and got a book of school songs to formilliar tunes & among them was one to the tune of Yankey doodle.

My Auntie was very strict and for reasons all her own would not allow me or her children to sing even the tune and promised me a whipping if I did (& Miss. Anna as teacher) requested we must call her, promised me a whipping if I did not sing & I sang Yankey doodle & there wasn't a Dandy in it. And spilled the beans that she was a Catholic, & I never got a licken neither at Home or at School. But she almost lost her job over it.

(2nd teacher Anna Campbell.)

Photo - Mrs Alice King

Mrs. Alice King was my 3rd teacher. She boarded at our House. I loved her dearly. She was a fine woman, and a devout Christian and tried to treat us all right. But on Feb. 5th she got her clothing a fire in the evening after school and before help could reach her, her cloths were all burned off & she died that night about 1-o'clock. So we had no more school that term.

4th teacher was Laura Fisher, nothing like Mrs. King. She was another grass widow, but we could not prize her, for she played sweet on every bodys Husband sweet heart and even some of the big boys in school. But O - oh - you kids look out she was anything else but sweet to them. She taught 2 terms & the last was worse than the first.

Joe Piaett, was my next teacher I got. We got along quite well with him he was just a single fellow was a good teacher and most of all the children liked him & all seemed to get along fine & learned more than we had in the same length of time from any of the others. Any time he wanted to win any of us to do something he would draw us a picture of an Angel. I never have met any one else that could draw a face like he could we would sure work for him when he would say he would draw us an Angel.

My next teacher was John Auld. He was married had a wife & three small children. He drove to school every morning about 6 miles he was the best teacher I ever had. Steady, earnest, sincere & thorough. A man that tryed to do right by all. He taught 2 terms there his ability as a teacher was far beyond the others and his last term was my last term. It almost broke my heart to think I had to quit But about 2 or 3 wks Before school was out my Aunt informed me I had to quit school & stay at home and help her. So I had to bid good by to school day's which I regret even to this day. But the Memory's of them last few years I shall never forget.

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