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Kansas ORSH List -- Reno County

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SCHOOL NAME (district)  Townand/orTownship Co OYEAR CYEAR TEACHER NAME

(113)                   Walnut Township    RN       1949  Florence Sherman
(53)                    ????               RN
Almstead                ????               RN
Bopp School             T.21.S. R.38.W.    RN
Castleton               ????               RN
Columbia                T.22.S. R.36.W.    RN
Dodge School (??)       T.24.S. R.38.W.    RN  ???? ????  Susan Jordan
East Kearney School     T.22.S. R.36.W.    RN
Enterprise (122)        ????               RN
Eureka School           T.21.S. R.36.W.    RN
Fairview School         T.21.S. R.37.W.    RN
Florence School         T.22.S. R.38.W.    RN
Harmony Hill School     T.22.S. R.35.W.    RN
Hillcrest School        T.24.S. R.36.W.    RN
Ireton (63)             ????               RN
Lincoln (??)            ????               RN
Longstreth School       T.25.S. R.36 W.    RN
Midway School           T.23.S. R.37.W.    RN
Morning Star School     T.24.S. R.37.W.    RN
Mound (34)              ????               RN
Mount Liberty           ????               RN
North Reno              ????               RN
North Star              T.24.S. R.38.W.    RN
Olive                   ????               RN
Palmer                  T.23.S. R.38.W.    RN
Pioneer School          T.24.S. R.35/36.W. RN
Pleasant View           T.24.S. R.35/36.W. RN
Prairie Green School    T.23.S. R.38.W.    RN
Prairie View School     T.23.S. R.35/36.W. RN
Pretty Prairie School   T.21.S. R.35.W.    RN
South Hutchinson        Hutchinson         RN
South Star Schools      T.24.S. R.38.W.    RN
Sunny Slope School      T.25.S. R.37/38.W. RN
Sunrise School          T.24.S. R.37.W.    RN
Waschter                T.24.S. R.37.W.    RN
West Kearney School     T.22.S. R.37.W.    RN
Winding Valley          T.22.S. R.37.W.    RN
Wonderland              T.24.S. R.38.W.    RN

July 28, 2006

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