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Middle Creek School -- Linn County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Gail Martin (gmartin@southwind.net) for contributing this information.

In family research for a friend I ran across a tidbit of information on Middle Creek school in Linn County. The family was Anthony and Angeline Bright in 1870 through 1885 lived in Lincoln Township, Linn County, Kansas. Their children in 1870 were William Henry 12 year old born in Indiana; Jessie C. 10, born in Illinois; Columbus 9, born in Nebraska; Eliza M. 7, born in Nebraska; Polie (Pauline) 5, born in Nebraska. Anthony Bright's had another wife before Angeline. His first 3 children were Wesley born 1849 in Ohio; Lucinda born 1852 and Amy or Emma, who according to family history says attended Middle Creek School between 1860 /1870.

Not sure if this is any help but maybe it will trigger someone else's memory.
Gail Martin

Friday, March 29, 2002 9:53 PM

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