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Number 88 -- Cherokee County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Marie Bryant (galks39@yahoo.com) for contributing this information about Cherokee County schools.

Located SW corner of SE 20th and Wyandotte Road, Columbus, Kansas there is an old rock one room school building. It was School District 88 date 1878. I believe the School name may be still under an added sign which read Stoney ATA No. 330 Community Hall. This added sign is possibly covering original name of the School. It is fenced in such a way we were not able to get closer.

Sunday 8 June 2003
Need to retry photo earlier time of day.

These are resized photos. I was able in my original picture to zoom in on the name plaque and read it. The original is enormous 2272x1704, it is available if you want it. I cropped the plaque out. Since the only thing I wasn't sure of was the 187? I was able to make that out in the original. You may be able to resize the cropped portion and see it better. It at least shows you there appears to be room for more writing under the added sign. Maybe whoever owns it would allow the ATA sign to be removed so you would know if the school name is under there.

Tuesday, July 8, 2003 1:28 PM

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