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Onion Creek -- Allen County

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Onion Creek School was located approximately 5 miles from that site in Allen County Kansas. My sister completed her 8th grade year there before going to the area high school in Humboldt, Kansas. Both my brother and I also attended Onion Creek School, he until his 8th grade year and I until the 7th grade when the district made us go to Junior High in Humboldt. Onion Creek was located between the towns of Humboldt and Iola Kansas. The total enrollment was usually around 25 students in all eight grades, with normally no more than 2-4 students per grade.

The building was like what I have seen of other one room schools. You enter through the cloak room where we had cabinets which stored our lunch boxes and a water supply. We kept our cups on a shelf by the water crock. There was a well with a pump outside to refill the water crock. All desks were in single file rows facing forward toward the stage. In the middle of the room was a wood burning stove which the teacher was responsible for starting up. In very cold weather we moved close to the stove-especially the younger children--to stay warm. Of course all facilities were outside with very long sidewalks to them.

As the day went by classes were called to sit on the steps of the stage and be "taught" in a particular subject. During harvest season, older boys were allowed to leave early if they were needed in the fields and the school year, of course, was only eight months long. One thing that I particularly remember is that we had several programs during the year. We put on plays, kids did recitations, and sang. I can't remember anyone whose parents did not attend these events.

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