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West Valley -- Franklin County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Rod Elliott (rkelliott2@cox.net) for contributing this information.

My first year of school was at West Valley in Franklin Co Ks. The teacher was Mrs. Rosenberry. West Valley was located on Hamilton Terrace near Texas Terrace. It was across the road from the Rosenberry farm on Hamilton Terrace. I believe this school was closed in the 50's and I'm not sure when it was built. It was approximate 2 miles south and 1 1/2 miles west of Rantoul for a reference location. My father was a farmer, our farm was on John Brown Highway a little over a mile from West Valley.
We know the names of some kids, but we can't ID them for sure. They include, Johnaver Cole, Judy Cole, Ellsworth Burnett, Warren and Leonard Bruner and  probably the Gentry kids. These photos were taken about 1950-1952.
In the first photo my brother Gary Elliott is in the front row to the far left.
In the second photo he is in the front row to the far right. We believe Johnaver Cole is second row far left and one of the Bruner boys to the far right. I was not pictured in either photo, for some reason. 

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