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The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Robert Mills for contributing this material.

Letter to Jeana Clark

I also have some early photos of the Marshall county, KS and Barrett, KS area gathered while researching my family. Our family's ties with teaching seems to go pretty far back. Marjorie Mills-Larson is still alive and living in a nursing home in Frankfort, KS. She is a delight to talk with and since devoting her life to teaching in these small rural schools knows a lot of local history.
Bob Mills

Photo Captions -- Photos are in the Gallery

Barrett School 1 - I don't know the date of the photo, but the teacher, at the right, is Mettie Riser (Elliott).

Barrett School 2 - class photo was taken about 1886. My great uncle Joel Ebenezer Mills is standing in the front row as indicated by the X. The photo is taken in front of a wood frame building, which may be the front of the photographer's office. The original wood framed Barrett School building was replaced by a stone building in 1871.

Barrett School 3 - class photo was taken about 1922. The little smiling girl with the ribbon in her hair near the center of the back row is a dear cousin (Marjorie Anna Mills-Larson) who grew up to teach in this and other Kansas schools. Her teaching career began when she was about 17 until she quit teaching "Except in 1951 when I was paid more for taking the national census than to teach."

Front Row -Harold Mills, Wray Mills, John Hidy, Carroll Mills, Bob Jones, Robert Jones, Owen Jones, Paul Jones. Second Row -Versie, Arlene Hidy, Nellie Hidy (later Fairchild), Geneva Johnson, Elnora Lockas, Dorothy Jones, Marian Jones, Anna Hodges, Mary Louise Jones, Bessie Hidy. Back Row -Viola Lockas, Lenora George (later married Dean Potter)--teacher, Emma Hodges, Marie Locas, Marjorie Mills, Ed Parmentier, Issac Hidy, Bill Parmentier.

Barrett School 4 - is a current photo of the Barrett School located in Marshall county, KS just south of the old town of Barrett. This photo was taken from the main road that ran through the town. The original wood frame school building was built nearer the Black Vermillion river in 1858 and first used in 1859. This limestone block building was built in 1971 as one room and the second room was added on later.

The town was originally called Barrett's Mill and was formed around the (wood) sawmill owned by A. G. Barrett. The town (and the school) is located south of Frankfort, KS. The town was disband in about 1959 as part of the Tuttle Creek reservoir, since it was located in the lakes flood plane.

Before railroads and modern highways, the Oregon, California, and Mormon trials passed through the area of Barrett, KS. Before highways were named with numbers and letters, the "White Way" through Frankfort and Barrett, was marked with white paint on trees, rocks, fences, etc. to indicate the correct road leading west. An automobile dealer in Frankfort is still named "Whiteway Chevrolet."

Barrett School 5 - The room to the right (north) included a small raised stage ('bout a foot) on the north side of the room. A curtain is across the front of the stage and the room was used as an auditorium as well as a class room. The curtain (still in place) has an ad for the "J. E. Mills Store." That store, which was located on the north west corner of block 18 of Barrett, KS, was begun by my great grandfather (Ebenezer Mills) who came to Marshall county, KS in 1856.

Photos of Ebenezer Mills and Caroline Barkes-Mills taken about 1862-63. The couple came to Kansas from eastern (Belmont) Ohio as part of the "Freestate Kansas" program. Ebenezer enlisted in the Union army in 1861 and fought at Cane Hill and Prairie Grove, Arkansas. They are buried in the Barrett, KS cemetery.

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