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Bismark -- Washington County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Eva Martinez for contributing this information.

I came across this website regarding One Room School Houses in KS and I thought I might be able to help with some missing info. My older sister attended Bismark School (still standing by the way and just about 2 miles from our family farm NW of Hanover) from 1951 until 1954 when it was closed. I couldn't tell you when it was opened at this time but might be able to get the info from some relatives. My Uncle actually purchased the school building and used it for grain storage. The teacher during the time my sister was there (1st through 3rd grades) was Bonnie Doebele Nesper. Also, Bismark school is probably more like 2 miles or so from Hanover, just in case you needed more accurate info. Thanks for taking on this project!

Sunday, March 23, 2003 9:11 PM

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