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Concord School -- Nemaha County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Nicholas Junod for contributing this information.

A document on the organization of School District No. 104, Nemaha County records shows that a petition was filed on July 11, 1885; The school was formed Aug. 10, 1886, with preliminary notices issued August 10, 1886 and notices first District meeting posted August 21, 1886.

During the first District meeting held on August 28, 1886, school officers were elected, and organization perfected.

This document also shows boundaries which changed in 1912, 1951 and the fact that the school closed in 1960.

Along with the above document, a copy of a map showing the boundaries and signed by the Nemaha County Superintendents in 1889- E. H. Chapman; 1912 - W. R. Anthony and 1951 - Ethel B. Adams was also found.

The first board members recorded in 1891 - were Pearl Fischer of Centralia, Valentine Maelzer of Neuchatel and Edith Welliever of Centralia. The last board members - in 1957 - were Florence Mars, Shirley Mars and Gail Ward all in Centralia.

In 1929-30 there were 124 rural one-room schools in Nemaha County. The teacher for Concord, Dist. 104, at that time, was Alvira Talley (who later married Galen Dodds).

In 1956-57, the last year Concord, Dist. 104 held school, the enrollment was 5 and the teacher for Concord was A. K. Banman, Sr.

By 1960-61, the last year of rural schools, there were only 5 left in the county.

(Source: Joan Kolterman & others, Onaga, Nemaha)

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