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Cottonwood School -- Anderson County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Shirley Roeckers for contributing this information.

One picture is of Cottonwood School, located on the western side of Anderson County, where my first husband went to school. It is taken in 1947-48, and I have the names of all of the students...

Here is the picture of Cottonwood School, Anderson County, Kansas. The picture was taken in the 1947-48 school year. Billy Campbell, who died May 19, 1994, was my husband.


A school house was built 5 miles North of what is known as Westphalia, Ks. It was orginally built in the arly 1870's. Later this schoolhouse was destroyed by a cyclone. Then they built another shcool house & named it Cottonwood, from a group of Cottonwood trees which stood by the roadside south of the school. Cottonwood school district merged voluntarily on 2/27/1947 with a nearby school, so this was the last year it was in operation by itself.


The students are left to right:
Front Row: Glen Riffey, Verl Brubaker, Darrel Young, Billy Campbell, Larry Eichman, LaVern Eichman, Mary Agnes Hermann, Delphus Eichman, Albert Hermann
Middle Row: Ira Eichman, Loren Brubaker
Back Row: Raymond Johnston, Homer Riffey, Don Miller, Melvin Johnston, Milton Johnston, Vernon Hirt

Here are 2 pictures of Cottonwood School, Anderson County, Kansas. The pictures were taken in the 1947-48 school year. The teacher is Vernie Weber. Billy Campbell, who died May 19, 1994, was my husband. A short history is attached, along with a list of the names for the group picture. If you need anything further or need a different format, please advise. I was sorry to hear about your surgery & virus problems. I will send the information on my school, Springfield, & my present husband's school, Cedar Ridge, as soon as possible.

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