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The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Stephanie Swieton Mroz (SMroz@kc.rr.com) for contributing this information.

I am a product of a Leavenworth County, Kansas, one-room school. Located approximately 6 miles southwest of Tonganoxie, Kansas in Stranger Township. I can only supply teachers' names. Dafer School was, during the 20's and 30's, the largest one-room school in the County, with, at one time a total of 40 pupils in all 8 grades.

The school has been converted to a home, so apparently -- at least part of it -- is still in existence. However, it has no resemblance, and I regret that I have no pictures.

During the years 1926 through 1933, Dafer School's teaching "staff" consisted of the following individual teachers, who each taught an average of approximately two academic years each:

Bert Yates
Mrs. MacNamee
Lois Penfold
Ella Voorhees

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Mike McClannahan (mmcclannahan@kc.rr.com) for contributing this information.

I am forwarding you the attached file at the request of Stephanie Mroz. She is trying to get a picture of the school and if she is successful I will scan that photo and send it to you. The text under the photo reads as follows:

Students in the former Dafer School are shown above. The school was located three miles west of Highway K-32 on Leavenworth County Rd 2. Students shown in the back row are, from left, Gertrude Schubert, Mary Louise Klamet, Mary Alice Babcock, Eunice Schubert, Cecilia Buchanan, Helen Swieton, Lorraine Barket, Margaret Theno, Eunice Babcock, Grace Klamet, Stella Swieton, Agnes Theno; middle row, Floyd Hubbel, Albert Barker, Wayne Morrow, Charley Klamet, Lester Deck, Everett Sedgwick, Lloyd Babcock, Vincent Klamet, Lawrence Theno, Bud Theno; front row, Adeline Swieton, Vera Jean Babcock, Leona Hubbel, Charlotte Babcock, Grace Oelschlaeger, Elinor Oelschaeger, Virgina Widen, Doloretta Schubert, Helen Oelschlaeger, Anna Louise Oelschalaeger, Helen Theno. The students were shown in 1932-33.

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