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Excelsior School -- Jefferson County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Gene Dixon (genogen3@juno.com) for contributing this information.

This is a picture of the school group at Excelsior #12. The school was north of Valley Falls, Jefferson County, Kansas.

Taken in 1947.

Back row: Jeanette Hamon; Marjorie Hamon; Dorothy Rathert; Irwin Figgs, Jr., Teacher; Max Garbe; Charles Flannery.

Middle row: Francis Flannery; June Kirkham; Jimmy Flannery; Charles Hamon; June Reichart.

Front row: Gene Dixon; June Flory; Mary Rathert; Kaye Dixon

Hope this turns out ok. If anything looks wrong, I'll do it over again another way. Thank you for having the site on the internet.

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