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Fuller School -- Crawford County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Bill Curry (wmwcurry@comcast.net) for contributing this information.

Attached is a copy of a postcard sent to my mother Pauline Isis (Gary) Curry from her niece Fern Gillette (McAllister) showing her and two nephews Jake Gary and Ernest Gary (sons of Dora Gary) in a 1912 photo of the Fuller Kansas school.

My mothers family had moved from Mulberry Kansas toLinden Iowa and they returned to Mulberry in 1917-18. They left Iowa two weeks prior to the time my mother would have graduated from high school. She had completed all of the course work but they would not give her a diploma since she would not be there for graduation.

The Fuller School picture says room 2 so it was not a 1 room school in 1912 but it probably had been a one room school previously. My father William Rolly Curry completed 6th grade in the school in Englevale Kansas before dropping out to work in the deep shaft coal mines of southeast Kansas.

Fuller School - Crawford County Kansas
Just south of Mulberry Kansas
December 7, 1912 postcard of Room 2
Ernest and Jake Gary  and Fern Gillette identified
card was written to my mother Pauline Isis Gary (married William Rolly Curry)
This was at least a two room school in 1912 but it probably started as a one room school. (See chalkboard in the picture)

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