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The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Judy (Leonard) Althoff (bud@rmss.reno.nv.us) for contributing this information.

I have just visited your one-room school site and would like to submit the following information for the project. I attended elementary school at Hillside School (a one-room school in Sherman County, Kansas).

Hillside School (District. #6) N. of Ruleton/Grant SH 1946 1970 Dorothy Evert

The teachers for the school were as follows:

Dorothy Evert (1946-1947)
Thelma Pettibone and Norma Schlepp (1947-1948)
Faye Blue (1949-1970)

If this e-mail goes through, I will send a listing of the students. Thank you for working with this project.

Judy (Leonard) Althoff

Following is a listing of the students who attended Hillside School, Sherman County, Kansas.

Judy Bair         (1953-1955)
Vicki Bair        (1955-1956)
Diane Birkholtz   (1954-1962)
Gordon Birkholtz  (1949-1957)
Martha Birkholtz  (1946-1953)
Russell Birkholtz (1956-1964)
Don Boll          (1964-1966)
Janice Boll       (1964-1968)
Susan Boll        (1964-1965)
Wayne Boll        (1964-1968)
Joanna Burse      (1960-1961)
Dianne Cibolski   (1953-1956)
Donna Daise       (1946-1949)
John Daise        (1946-1947)
Richard Daise     (1961-1965)
Claire DeFries    (1946-1953)
Evalyn DeFries    (1952-1959)
Sandra DeFries    (1946-1951)
Roger Enfield     (1961-1969)
Larry Enfield     (1964-1970)
Beverly Fortmeyer (1951-1958)
Chuck Fortmeyer   (1950-1958)
Rana Fortmeyer    (1956-1958)
Rita Fortmeyer    (1956-1958)
Roger Fortmeyer   (1953-1957)
Bill Gattshall    (1959-1967)
Robert Gattshall  (1954-1962)
Cathy Graybill    (1961-1965)
Carol Hilt        (1961-1969)
Harvey Hilt       (1952-1960)
Helen Hilt        (1952-1960)
Margaret Hilt     (1950-1958)
Jim Hotopp        (1953-1954)
Carol Jensen      (1957-1958)
Edgar Jensen      (1957-1958)
Esther Jensen     (1957-1958)
Lorenzo Jensen    (1957-1958)
Junior Kemp       (1946-1948)
Cally Jo Kirby    (1956-1970)
Carol Ann Kirby   (1962-1970)
Norman Kirby      (1968-1970)
David Leonard     (1964-1970)
Judy Leonard      (1959-1967)
Margaret Litz     (1946-1949)
Conne McConnell   (1958-1961)
Steve McConnell   (1958-1961)
Kathyrn Neville   (1951-1952)
Mark Pettijohn    (1953-1956)
Darrel Pettijohn  (1951-1952)
Brenda Pizel      (1964-1965)
Mike Rice         (1961-1965)
Brent Roulier     (1950-1956)
Curtis Rust       (1946-1947)
David Rust        (1946-1951)
Darlene Schlepp   (1959-1967)
Dennis Schlepp    (1959-1967)
JoAnn Schlepp     (1955-1963)
Gaylord Sexson    (1951-1952)
Alan Stasser      (1963-1970)
Fred Stasser      (1963-1968)
Danny Stephens    (1946-1954)
Jimmy Stephens    (1946-1952)
Joel Stephens     (1968-1970)
Kelly Stephens    (1963-1970)
Morris Stephens   (1947-1954)
Barbara Van Vleet (1958-1959)
Dennis Van Vleet  (1956-1959)
Linda Van Vleet   (1956-1958)
Vivian Wilkening  (1946-1948)
The schoolhouse for Hillside was actually made from two school buildings moved to a new site. The two buildings were joined together to form an 'L'. Class area, desks, and kitchen were in the area which was one of the buildings. The restrooms, stage, and chalkboards were in the other. One of the original buildings was constructed in 1908.

Due to dwindling student numbers, at the end of the school year in 1946, three districts combined to make one larger district (Hillside). The three districts were what was known as the "Light School", the "Kemp School", and "Sodtown School."

Information contained in this e-mail and the one I sent earlier this morning was taken from the book "School Daze at Hillside" written by Kelly Stephens and Faye Blue and illustrated by Cally Jo Kirby.

Again, thank you for your work with this project. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and I will try to find an answer.

Judy (Leonard) Althoff

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Brent L. Roulier (Adsaloft@concentric.net) for contributing this information.

Thanks for the response. It was Sherman County, about 10 miles north of Ruleton. I drove by the old school house a couple of years ago for the first time since 1956. It had been used as a residence for a while, but it was in real poor condition when we stopped by. The people we contacted in the area did not know much about the history of the families who lived there when I attended school. It would be fun to hear about some of my classmates. I did learn that my teacher, Faye Blue had passed away about a year before I returned.

Saturday, May 31, 2003 10:07 PM

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