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Kanuff School -- Osage County

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Larry Kaff (lkaff@bak.rr.com) for contributing this information.

I noticed that the Kanuff School, in Junction Township, Osage County is not on your list. I know that it existed, and still exists (as my aunt and uncle's home) just 1/2 mile east of where it originally stood. They made it into a wonderful 2 story home. I can still see where I sat because the nail marks for the desks still show on the hardwood flooring. I attended that school when I was in the 3rd grade for about 3 months while my folks arranged for moving to Humboldt. Maybe you just never received any info on it. I admire your efforts in making the list available - thank you for all your work.

Saturday, September 14, 2002 10:46 PM

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